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Semantic HTML

Last updated: Mar 14, 2021



Definition of Semantic HTML

Semantic HTML is HTML markup language understood by browsers and developers. Tags on semantic HTML have their own corresponding explanations, making them understandable.

Semantic HTML is available on a part of HTML4 and a whole of HTML5. The use of semantic HTML will facilitate the process of web development as the tags used are straightforward and easy to understand by human language. web karena tag yang digunakan mudah dipahami oleh bahasa manusia.


The function of semantic HTML is to ease the process of web development for both developer and browser before translating/applying HTML tags on a site.

Non - Semantic

If Semantic simplifies tag functions to the developer’s language, Non-semantic is its opposite. Non semantic HTML is a tag that does not define the use of the tag itself. The followings are the two non-semantic tags:

div - a container unit that encapsulates HTML tags/elements.

span - a container used to mark up a part of the text.

One of the metrics elements called

<article> <details> <footer> <mark> <section> <time>
<aside> <figure> dan <figcation> <header> <nav> <summary>


<b> Bold <i> italic <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6> Heading 1-6 <sub> Subscript <sup> Superscript <var> Variable


Semantik HTML is an HTML markup to strengthen the definition of web information and application, and not for presentation display only.

Related Terms


It is important to note that HTTP is used to present images, sounds, and other contents except HTML.


In the early 20 century, there was a community proposed an update for HTM to be WHATWG.


HTML as a language markup becomes the base or foundation for all websites. Several versions are available on HTML as well



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