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Page Authority

Last updated: Jun 03, 2022

What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a metric used to assess how good the quality or reputation of a page on a website is. If the Domain Authority (DA) evaluates the performance of all pages in a website, then PA is more focused on evaluating the performance and quality of content on one particular web page.

Google's Assessment of Page Authority

Search engines like Google measure the authority of a web page by a certain set of algorithms. The PA assessment criteria are determined based on the quality of on-page and off-page SEO. The aspects of Google's assessment of PA are influenced by the following metrics:

Internal Link Quality

Besides making it easier for search engines to know the relationship between pages on a website, internal links also make it easier for users to navigate so they can explore other related information more easily. This is why internal links also help you in increasing PA.

User Behavior

User behavior is how much time users spend on your website, and what interactions are carried out such as scrolling web pages, clicking photos, buying products, and so on.

If users stay for a long time and actively interact on your site, then search engines will assume that your site has been able to meet the information they need. Thus, the PA assessment will be better.

On-Page Traffic

The higher the number of traffic a website gets, it shows that the site has provided the information that internet users are looking for. This is why organic traffic also has an influence on the PA of your website.

Content Quality

Quality content is characterized by the presence of targeted keywords that internet users may search for. In creating high-quality content, there are several things that need to be considered such as keyword density, readability score, and the validity of the information presented in the article. 

How to Increase Page Authority

The higher the PA, the higher the Domain Authority value. Both are the metrics used to measure the quality and performance of a website so that a website can rank high in search engines.

The PA on the website will be better if you optimize on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Here's how to increase Page Authority you can do:

Provide interesting and useful content

Regularly publishing new content will help you increase page authority. Make sure you don't publish random content. Create content that is interesting, useful, and of course, follows SEO rules. This can make your site considered an expert in its niche and bring in more traffic.

Add internal links

Besides creating engaging content, adding internal links also helps you get a better PA rating. The reason is simple, internal links will make it easier for search engines to see the structure of your site and show search engines how the pages on your site are related to each other.

Optimizing link-building strategy

Link building is a way to get quality backlinks that have a good impact on SEO. Quality backlinks can help websites increase Page Authority. You can contact other web owners with the same niche to help you increase your legitimacy and authority through backlinks.

Improve the quality of user experience

Websites with poor user experience can drive visitors away from the site. Indeed, this will affect the PA and SEO quality.

Therefore, web owners need to provide a better user experience. It can be achieved by conducting regular site audits through Google Search Console to further analyze which pages need optimization.



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