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Data Stream

Last updated: May 22, 2023

What is Data Stream?

Data stream is the process of continuously collecting data and moving it to a certain destination.

Usually, this data is handled by stream processing software to analyze, store, and act on the information.

Stream data, combined with stream processing, is able to produce intelligence that is real-time.

Data streams have non-homogeneous characteristics because several sources can stream data in certain formats, such as JSON, Avro, and CSV, with various data types.

The streaming can be done from various sources, using any format and volume.

The best ones combine multiple sources to structure a complete picture of operations, processes, and other elements.

For example, network, server, and application data can be combined to analyze the health of a website and detect performance degradations so they can be fixed quickly.

Benefits of Data Streams

Here are some of the benefits of data streams that you need to know about:

1. Minimizing Losses

The first benefit of using data streams is minimizing losses. Streaming data not only supports user retention but also prevents other losses.

Real-time intelligence can provide warning of impending issues such as system outages, data breaches, and other issues that negatively impact business results.

With this information, companies can prevent or reduce the impact of these predicted events.

2. Increase Return on Investment (ROI)

The next benefit of streaming data is that it increases ROI.

The ability to quickly collect, analyze, and act on existing data will give a company a competitive advantage.

Real-time performance makes companies more responsive to market trends and user needs to maximize business opportunities.

Currently, the pace of business has increased with digitalization. With this, the data stream is expected to be a feature or tool that is responsive to digitalization in the business world and increases Return on Investment (ROI) for companies.

3. Increase User Satisfaction

Feedback from users is a very valuable metric to find out what things are good and what things the company needs to improve.

The faster a company responds to customer complaints by providing good solutions, the better its credibility.

You can get feedback from users who provide word-of-mouth reviews as well as online reviews, which can be a determining factor in attracting new prospects and turning them into new users.

Example of Data Stream Implementation in YouTube

Furthermore, you will find examples of how to implement the data stream in the explanation below.

It’s important to know that, according to HubSpot, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

The number represents a very large stream of data being processed and stored every hour of the day.

Given the large video file size, YouTube needs to be configured to provide high-capacity storage to support the creator's content.

After that, YouTube needs to feed that data in the opposite direction for users watching the content by displaying views, comments, subscribers, and other metrics in real-time.

YouTube also supports live video, where content creators and viewers can interact with each other via video and live chat, which makes instant data transfer even more important to ensure the interaction can continue without interruption.



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