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Social Signal

Last updated: Aug 03, 2022

What is a Social Signal?

To improve and manage a website’s SEO, a social signal plays a role as one of many indicators that tell a content’s relevance on social media. It is used to help provide the signal related to engagement and visibility of certain content to the search engine.

It is important to know that the signal compiles the number of likes, shares, and views of a website page. By using that metric, you can notice what things are currently trending and liked by users.

Generally, the search engine ranking system is based on readers’ or users’ interests. Therefore, such interest is closely related to the signal itself. Even so, the signal is not considered to be the main component in the ranking system of the search engine.

Though it is not the primary factor in deciding the ranking of a website, a social indicator can tell you that certain contents are good and attracting many users. For that reason, content makers across social media today can attract many audiences and expand the scope of the brand by inspecting all the elements related to the signal itself.

Types of Social Signals

In order to know the number of engagements and visibilities of content, you can see its signal first. There are different types of signals that can be seen on each social media, such as:

  • Facebook: like, comment, and share
  • LinkedIn: connection, link, and reference
  • Instagram: follower, comment, and regram
  • Twitter: like, retweet, quote, and conversation
  • YouTube: like, comment, and view

Such indicators can tell you which content of yours attracts many users. The bigger the numbers, then the more engagement and visibility.

The Relation between a Social Signal and SEO

What is a social signal? It is an indicator that relates closely to SEO today. Both of them have involvements in content marketing. However, the difference lies in the media that each of them uses.

SEO primarily focuses to improve the ranking of a website page on SERPA social signal refers to the number of likes, shares, and views of a post on social media. Nevertheless, both of them can work effectively if done properly.

It is important to note that Google does not consider the signals from social media as a ranking factor. However, several components such as the content’s quality, search intent, authority, and backlink still affect engagement and visibility that may decide the ranking of a website page on SERP.

How Does a Social Signal Affect SEO?

Signals from social media can trigger an increase in content searching on the search engine. The bigger the search volume is, then the more relevant the content will be. By doing so, you can get organic traffic for your website.

These indicators from social media can show how relevant content is. In other words, every like, comment, retweet, share, and view on social media can affect and increase the brand visibility or a website on SERP.

How to Increase Social Signal

In order to get organic traffic on your website and engagement on social media, there are several things you must do. Here are some of the tips to boost social signals effectively:

Posting Contents Regularly

One of the ways to boost the signal is to consistently post content. Make sure to do it on a daily basis so the numbers of engagements and visibilities are consistent every time.

Making Relevant Content

Not all types of trends should be followed. As a brand owner, you must make contents that are relevant to the search intent of the target users. For that, make sure to make relevant content that does not stray away from the brand image.

Publishing Value Benefit Contents

It must be remembered that your content must attract users’ attention. For that, you can apply the concept of value benefit in writing the article’s title. You can do it by writing down the main point of the content as short and as interesting as possible.

Building Communication with Audiences

Replying to comments and sharing posts can boost the signal. You can do it routinely so the engagement and visibility rate from your account increases over time.

Profile Optimization

Aside from managing content on social media, make sure to do optimization on the account’s profile to boost the signal. In order to do that, you can put the website URL on your social media profile.

Adding Social Media Plug-ins to Website

Other than using social media optimally, you need to perform an optimization on the website as well. The way to do that is to add social media plug-ins on website pages that will help users share content with other users easily.

Conversing in a Communicative Way

Besides being active on social media, make sure to speak in a communicative way with the users. By doing so, users will feel comfortable and more responsive to your recommendations to visit the websites well as share the content they have read.



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