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Written by cmlabs


Last updated: Mar 27, 2021
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Written by cmlabs

Breadcrumb Breadcrumb is an element on a website which has a function as a guide position or specific location of a page on a website. Breadcrumb is an internal link form and often mentioned as the term “address” because it serves as a guide to the location of a page which is taken from the website navigation menu.

The length of Breadcrumb based on the structure of the website content. The importance of application also impacts the SEO optimization since Google SERPs display Breadcrumb navigation on the URL line as a snippet.

The Function of Breadcrumb

As Second Navigation Besides the Main Menu

One of the important functions of Breadcrumb is as a navigation that simplifies the visitor to explore the website content without the hassle. 

Optimizing SEO Website

The use of Breadcrumb affects the search engine rank. The usage can facilitate Google in understanding the data on the website. The more relevant the content structure is, the higher position on search engines will be.

Reducing Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a percentage of visitors who are leaving the website without clicking anything. The use of Breadcrumb can index the page to the deepest navigation structure. The visitors can pass the navigation easier and find content which is searched only in one click.

Maximizing the Use of Yoast SEO Features

Not only handling the SEO website technique, this plugin also can help the writer in creating the high quality content.

Types of Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb navigation based on relative website level or user click flow is divided into several types:

  1. Click path: path based navigation that can track the path of previous click and can show the current position.
  2. Location: the Breadcrumb refers to the user’s current position on a website.
  3. Category (attribute): this attribute-based Breadcrumb allows its user to see the currently visited categories and it can see where the attribute comes from. The navigation system is usually found or used at an e-commerce or a website.

The Implementation of Breadcrumb on a Website

  1. Plugin: because there is an additional program on a website that allows a change and integration on secondary navigation.
  2. PHP and Java Script: the utilization of code and different language script can be integrated in a source code.
  3. CMS (Content  Management System): some of CMS and systems on an e-commerce website have Breadcrumbs on its backend.
  4. HTML: the variation is based on the link that refers to a Div.

The Advantages of Breadcrumb Navigation Usage

The Breadcrumb usage on a website will give some advantages:

  1. Breadcrumb shows the way of the current user position. Thus, Breadcrumb is the support for user and navigation.
  2. Breadcrumb is a fast navigation assistance, simple, and it is not difficult for users when accessing a website.
  3. Breadcrumb does not take up a lot of space and is easy to be applied on a website.
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