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Last updated: Mar 27, 2021
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Written by cmlabs


PBN (private blog network) is a website network that is used to create a backlink on the website page, which has the purpose of manipulating the rank so that it will be higher on the search engine. PBN comes from the high quality of the domain website page that is no longer used by the owner, which the quality comes from the Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Trust Flow (TF), and Citation Flow (CF).

In general, PBN helps the businessman develop their business fastly, but it costs a lot. However, PBN crosses the google guidelines since it is considered a foul technique. If Google knows it, the website will lose its rank and get a penalty.

Strengths and Weaknesses of PBN (Private Blog Network)


- The rank is more efficient

The time is more efficient by using PBN because the better and the more expensive the expired domain name, the faster the result of PBN.

- Hard to be tracked

It needs more time for Google to track whether a website uses PBN or not. It recommends the users to clear the history activity so that it will not be tracked easily.

- Easy to make

It is effortless to make PBN. The users only need to buy the expired domain, create a website (blog or wordpress), make content, cover all history activities, and link to the profitable site. However, covering the activity history is not easy and needs experience.

- Has many advantages

The users can get advantages from PBN by selling links to other websites as long as it is not their direct competitor. However, it is risky since it can harm the PBN user.

- Full control

By using PBN, the user will have full rights to control the direction and how the website works.


- Pricey

In making PBN, the user should buy an expired domain with high authority and needs in large quantities. The users not only buy an expired domain but also hosting, IP address, and content to support the website page.

- Takes a lot of time

The process of making PBN will take much time, from searching and buying an expired domain, creating web pages, making content, and backlinks.

- Can be caught

Making PBN has a risk since it crosses the guidelines that are given by Google. If you are caught, the rank of the web page will be lost.

- Hard to be managed

PBN is hard to manage since the user has to maintain the site's network from SPAM, hacker, etc. The user should use a different name, IP address, and device for each IP.

How to make PBN (Private Blog Network)

1. Buy Expired Domain

Choosing and buying the right domain for PBN is a long process and it is a difficult stage in developing PBN. The user has to pick an expired domain that has good statistics and a good backlink profile.

2. Registering Domain PBN (Private Blog Network)

There are a lot of essential factors in registering the PBN domain so that it will not damage the network, for instance:

- Don’t register all of the domains at the same time and give it times before registering the other domains.
- Don’t buy the same TLD domain for the PBN network
- Use the FakeWhois detail for each domain
- Don’t register all of the domain names under the same registrar
- Don’t use any Google’s product

3. Hosting the PBN network (Private Blog Network)

Before PBN is hosted together, check the IP address for other websites hosted in the same IP, they should be an original blog, and they are not the spam blog that can be identified only by seeing it.

4. Build a website

Using the same CMS for most PBN websites may not leave any trace. Avoid using the same theme and plugin in PBN.

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