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Meta Description

Last updated: Mar 27, 2021

What is a Meta Description?

The meta description is an HTML tag section that contains a brief description that appears on the SERP. It includes keywords and persuasive touches. 

Meta Description Length

A meta description should not be too short or too long. It does not have a limit, but if it is too long, then Google will cut the meta description, and the display will be "..." at the end of the description sentence. It is better if the description appears intact.

The recommended Meta description length is around 400 - 750 pixels. With these measurements, the meta description can appear intact on the mobile version and desktop version.

Meta Description Tag

You can find the meta description tag in the home section. However, if you use WordPress, you have many plugins that can help you get the things done. 

Here is an example of the Meta Description Tag in the source code

<meta name="description" content="Meta description atau meta deskripsi adalah Tag yang berisi penjelasan singkat dari artikel atau situs yang diunggah pada google."> 

* The meta description above has a length of 747 px.

Meta Description Tools

There are several tools available to help you set the length of the meta description:

  1. Title & Meta Length Checker CMLABS
  2. to the web 
  3. counting characters
  4. stibo
  5. zeo org
  6. mangools


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