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Google Dance

Last updated: Oct 11, 2022

Google Dance
Cover image: Illustration of Google Dance, which is a phenomenon of changes in website rankings on the SERPs. Learn about the discussion in this article.

What is Google Dance?

Google Dance is a phenomenon of the rising and falling rankings experienced by a website. This phenomenon occurs because Google is trying to re-evaluate a page and determine the most appropriate ranking for that page.

Usually, Google will do this repeatedly until it gets enough data to decide on a stable ranking. You don't need to panic if your website ranking and traffic suddenly drop, it could be because of Google Dance.


Factors Google Dance

Google consistently crawls web pages, looks for updates, and re-evaluates the quality and relevance of each page. This is what then causes the ranking fluctuations.

The factors that affect Google Dance are:

Domain Age

Newly created domains tend to experience ranking fluctuations more frequently. This is because the new domain still doesn't have many contents so the domain authority it has is not high enough.

Keyword Competition

The more competitive the keyword competition in your target market, the more frequent ranking fluctuations will occur. Because many people are targeting the same keywords as you.

Link Building

If you manage to get a lot of good quality backlinks in a short period of time, this will also result in bigger ranking changes. However, you don't need to worry because the result can have higher than the previous ranking.

Content Update

When you update content, restructure internal links, launch new landing pages, and actively publish articles, this can cause ranking fluctuations. Especially if the article you just published is less relevant, it is likely that your site will experience a decrease in ranking.


Effect of Google Dance on SEO Implementation

You don't have to worry about ranking fluctuations and traffic drops caused by this phenomenon. Because this is only a temporary occurrence. After a certain period of time, the ranking and website traffic will be adjusted.

Google realizes that implementing the right SEO strategy does not result in an immediate increase in rankings. However, if you are patient and consistent in optimizing your website, then your efforts will result in steady high rankings.



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