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Written by cmlabs

Google Search Console

Last updated: Mar 27, 2021
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Written by cmlabs

Google Search Console  is free tools from google used by website owners to monitor and optimize website performance. These tools are also known as website monitoring tools that are trusted to find out the website performance, our article position, website traffic, popular keyword, and website performance on mobile devices.

Advantages of Google Search Console

Google Search Console has many advantages, so it is expected that the website owner or blogger uses these tools to optimize and repair the website based on the Google Search Console analysis. Here are several advantages that you gain when you are using GSC:

Make the article is indexed easily by Google

GSC helps you to raise the article that you have written so that it will be easier to be indexed by search engines. By indexing your article on google, the website and article will be often visited.

Find out the popular keywords

By using GSC, it will be easier for us to find out the keywords that are widely used. These tools also give you information about the efficient keyword which can increase the SEO website that you have.

Knowing the popular page on search engine

When you are typing a keyword on a search engine, you will find any website and article that enters the first page of google. You can also know it based on CTR (Click Through Rate) or its impression.

It helps to do discavow link

The advantage of using GSC is that you can block the link or negative discavow link which can harm and disturb the performance and website ranking. 

Knowing the origin of the user and website visitors

GSC also allows you to find out where your website visitors come from. These tools also help you to know your website audience prospects.

Knowing the backlink on your website

The backlink is an indicator to determine the website ranking on the search result. By using Google Search Console, it helps you to identify the backlink which comes into your website. These tools also provide information about backlinks and the most frequently used anchor text.

It is easy to find the security problem on the website

Each website owner or blogger must pay attention to their website security. There must be possibilities that may attack their website, such as, data stealing, hacking, and so on. By using GSC, it will help us to detect and give reminders if there is a security problem with our website.

Able to check the broken link

Previously, we knew that GSC has a feature to find out the backlink on a website. GSC also can be used to find the broken link. You can fix the broken link to repair the website’s healthy score.

Submit sitemap

The utility of a sitemap is that it helps Google to crawl on a website so that the search engine such as Google can identify our website quickly and accurately.

Knowing the website performance thoroughly

These tools also give information to the website owner about website performance, whether it runs well and optimally or not. Even if the problem occurs on your website, you will get notification about disruption on the website. These tools are also beneficial to monitor and evaluate the website's performance thoroughly and in detail.

Able to remove the google index

For bloggers or content creators on a website, they must have deleted their content or post. However, when they are browsing, it still appears and causes a “not found” page. You don’t need to worry because by using GSC, you can remove the google index.

How to use Google Search Console

1. Open the Google Search Console

First of all, open the Google Search Console. You will know more about GSC on this page since there is much information about the tools you will use. After knowing and understanding GSC, you can click “start now” on that page.

2. Register your website on Google Search Console

The next step is that enter your website domain name on this tool to know the website performance.

3. Verify your domain

After entering your domain name, verify the domain if you are asked to do the domain verification. There are two ways of doing verification: verify the domain by using tag HTML or verify the domain using HTML file. If the verification is successful, you will get a pop-up notification that informs the successful verification.

4. Add XML Sitemap

After verifying the domain successfully, you can move to the next step that is adding a sitemap. In order to simplify, you can use SEO plugin, which can create an automatic sitemap. Make sure that the sitemap that you have done is successful and it is written “success”.

5. Analyze your website performance

In order to know and analyze your website performance, you can choose the performance menu. Then, you will see various matrices. You can start to analyze the website performance about page rank, CTR, impression, popular page, and popular keywords. Also, knowing the information about backlinks and errors to resolve the error and optimize your website performance.

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