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Schema Markup

Last updated: Nov 04, 2022

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a code or semantic vocabulary that is added to the HTML of a website page. It allows search engines to understand the content and provide informative results to users in the SERP.

The markup can also be referred to as schema.org or structured data. This code will provide the information that search engines need. The reason is, search engines cannot fully understand the contents of your content, even though they can read it.

With the markup, your page is not only read by web crawlers but also able to be understood. When the content is understood by search engines, your page's display in the SERP will be more attractive with rich snippets.

The Importance of Schema Markup

Using the markup schema is one of the optimization strategies in SEO. The main benefit that you can get from using it is its ability to increase the amount of organic traffic to your website. It can bring up rich snippets that can make the appearance of the website in the SERP much more attractive.

For example, a special display or rich snippet on a food recipe website that uses the markup is the presence of food photos, ingredient lists, cooking tutorials, and so on.

Of course, the appearance of a website like this will be much more attractive than the title page and meta description that are displayed on the search page. As a result, your website will get more traffic than other websites because it looks different.

Types of Schema Markup

In addition to food recipes, there are various other types of markup schemas that you can use according to the content of your page. Some of this markup may have taken the form of rich snippets when you were looking for something on Google. You can see the other types below:


This schema function is to display the number of reviews or ratings on a page. You can use this markup schema on product, service, shop, restaurant, travel, or movie review pages.


You can use this schema to display product details such as photos, prices, ratings, reviews, stock items, and so on. This scheme can help make your product stand out in the market.


The markup is used to indicate the link path or structure of a web page. With the breadcrumb schema, website users will know the category of a page and visit it directly.


Use a how-to schema if the content you create is a guide with several steps in it. With this schema, you will get to see the display of these stages in an attractive manner on the SERP.

Job posting

You can display complete information about job openings on the SERP. Some of the information you can provide is the job title, job description, company name, and complete specifications regarding the job vacancy.


A markup schema is used on pages that provide various questions and answers around a specific topic, usually related to a company, product, or service. You can display a list of FAQs from your page in the SERP with the FAQ schema.


As explained earlier, you can use a recipe schema to get a special view in the SERP that shows recipe information. A specifically designed display will certainly attract the audience to visit your website. 


You can display a person's biography, including their name, education, date of birth, family, achievements, and so on. Use this schema for content that discusses the biography of a public figure.


You need to use this schema when running a company website. It will display the basic information about an organization, including its logo, contacts, location map, and address.


The video schema will make it easier for web crawlers to index videos. You can also display videos from websites directly in Google video search results. 

Tips to Create Schema Markup

You don't have to worry if you want to create a markup and install it on a website page but don't have programming language skills. Today, there are many tools available for free to create and check a markup without the need for coding.

With these tools, the markup is easy to create. Check out tips on using the tools below:

The Generator

The generator is a tool that allows you to create schemas automatically. You simply select the type of schema you want to create and then fill in the information you want to appear on the available form.

Automatically, these tools will create a schema code that you can copy and install in the HTML of the website. One of the tools you can use is the JSON-LD Schema Markup Generator from cmlabs.

The Checker

After the code is generated, you can test it first in the checker tool. With this tool, you can find out if there is an error in the code. You can use the official schema markup checker from Google if you want to do some testing.



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