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Keyword Competition

Last updated: Jul 06, 2022

What is Keyword Competition?

Keyword competition also called keyword difficulty is a metric that measures how difficult it is for keywords to rank in organic search. This metric can be used to estimate how much time and effort it will take to reach the top rankings with that keyword.

The high or low score of this metric is also determined by competitors in the same market. The number of competitors with high domain authority on the same keyword will increase the competition score for that keyword.


Keyword Competition Score Interpretation

Competition scores are usually a percentage of scores from 1% to 100%. The higher the percentage value, the more difficult it is to compete on that keyword. Pay attention to the following three categories of competition scores:

High Competition Score

Keywords with a high competition score have the highest level of competition with a score range of 71%-100%. If you target these keywords, it will be difficult for your content to rank in the top SERPs because many competitors are targeting the same keywords.

Medium Competition Score

Keywords with a moderate level of competition have a score range between 31% to 70%. To create SEO articles, these types of keywords will benefit you more. Usually, these keywords will have a high search volume, but the competition is not too tight so your content can more easily reach the top rankings in the SERPs.

Low Competition Score

Competition scores are around 30% or less, indicating that the level of keyword difficulty in the SERPs is quite low. A long-tail keyword is an example of a keyword with a low level of competition.

In keyword research, some people prefer keywords with high search volume and low competition. Although finding these keywords is not easy, these keywords can make your content superior in the SERP.


Keyword Competition Tool

There are many tools that you can use to check the competition for a keyword, one of which is cmlabs 3.0. To check keyword difficulty in cmlabs 3.0 is by registering and logging in to the system first, then you can add keywords that you want to check.

You can see the competition scores for each tracked keyword on the cmlabs 3.0 dashboard page. Apart from that, you can also view other keyword metrics such as Search Volume, CPC, indexed URLs, and more. Get a free trial for the first 12 months or choose the subscription plan that suits your needs now!



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