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Search Volume: Good Search Volume, Importance, and The Tools

Last updated: Jun 06, 2022

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Figure 1: Image of two people holding a mobile device with a search box in the center of the image as an illustration of search volume. Search volume describes the number of searches that occur on a particular topic or keyword. Get the complete information in this article.

When you are doing keyword research, search volume or SV is one of the metrics to consider. Usually, the data is presented in the last few months. This data is important to determine the content topics and keywords that will be used.

In this guideline, we will take a deeper dive into search volume from its definition, its importance to SEO, and how to use it in keyword research.

What is Search Volume?

It is the average number of searches for a keyword over a certain period of time (usually a month). The more internet users who search for a keyword, the higher the SV of that keyword.

The data is often used to help SEO experts determine how popular and competitive a keyword is. With this data, SEO experts can develop strategies to choose which keywords have the greatest potential to attract audience interest and bring traffic to websites.

The importance of Search Volume for SEO

SV is an important metric in determining target keywords. The high keyword search volume indicates that the keyword is highly searched by internet users.

Imagine, if you target any keyword in an article, especially if those keywords are not widely searched, your website traffic will also decrease or even get no traffic at all.

Therefore, knowing the SV is important in SEO because it can help you determine target keywords so that the website performance in organic search hits the optimal result. Creating articles that contain a number of keywords with high SV is an SEO strategy to get more traffic.

How is Search Volume Used?

SV is useful data for your website's keyword research process. If it is used properly, you can get targeted keywords that bring more traffic to your website. The best practices that can be carried out in conducting keyword research using SV are as follow:

The Good Search Volume 

In the process of keyword research, you should choose keywords with a high SV. The high SV is a reflection of how much internet users are interested in your target keywords. Content with these target keywords will perform well on search engines.

On the other hand, keywords with low SV will not bring much traffic to your website. Every web owner wants their content to get traffic and generate conversions. So, using the low SV will not support your objectives.

However, we know that “good” is a relative term. As with SV, it is not only high SV that is considered good. In some cases, keywords with low SV are just as good. Besides the popularity, good search volume depends on:

  • Niche: the more unique your website's niche is, the harder it will be to find relevant keywords with high SV. For example, if you run a blog about “embroidering”, it will be difficult to find keywords with millions of SV Because the keyword "embroidering" in Indonesia only has 11,000 searches.
  • Target Market: the more specific the region that is used as the target market, the average SVfor keywords will also be smaller. However, it is still good for choosing keywords in local SEO.
  • How specific is the target keyword: short-tail keywords or keywords that have a broader meaning will have a higher SV, but using long-tail keywords (LTK) is also good for SEO. Even though the SV is low, LTK can increase web conversions.


Some other factors to consider in choosing keywords other than SV are:

Keyword Relevance

Not only targeting high SV, you also need to pay attention to the relevance of keywords to the topic or niche of your blog. Carelessly inserting high keywords search volume in an article can fail your website to reach the targeted audience.

Keyword Competition

Indeed, keywords with high SV will bring in more traffic. However, if the keyword has tight competition in search engines, it will be difficult for your article to appear in the top search results.

This is why besides considering high search volume, you also need to choose keywords with low competition. That way, the resulting article has a greater potential to be served at the top of the SERP.

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that keywords with high SV are good to use in content. However, it must consider the relevance, target market, and competition.

Search Volume Tools

As previously mentioned, in finding your target keyword you need to know its SV. So, How to find the search volume of a keyword? Here are some of the search volume tools to help you get the data:

cmlabs 3.0

cmlabs 3.0 is a web analytics tool developed by the cmlabs developer team. Besides allowing you to get search volume data, you can also track keyword rankings, monitor website performance, and find out how your website compares to competitors.

cmlabs 3.0 is available in both free and paid versions. After registering an account, you will get a free balance of IDR 1,080,000 which is valid for 12 months. With that balance, you can instantly add and track keywords for free.

Each keyword that is tracked in cmlabs 3.0 is equipped with data on search volume, cost per click (CPC), and the level of competition in the target market. For search volume data, it is not only displays the latest data, but this system also provides historical search volume data for each keyword which can be accessed through the Keyword Details option.

In the next development stage, cmlabs 3.0 will launch the Stats feature which contains data visualization of several SEO metrics such as search volume, market share, brand position, and others. Through the Stats feature, you can view search volume data based on the active view.

View is cmlabs 3.0 feature that allows users to group several keywords based on certain categories. It makes the user possible to track a large number of keywords with several different niches. Don't miss the latest update from cmlabs 3.0 and register an account now!

Figure 2: The column graph displayed on the Keyword Details menu cmlabs 3.0 displays historical search volume data for the keyword "Ticket Malang to Jakarta". Equipped with several data visualization options that are easy for users to understand, such as column graphs and line graphs.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool owned by Google and accessible for free. You must have a Google Ads account to access Keyword Planner. This tool is usually used by web owners to maximize the selection of keywords that will be used as ad text and in articles.

With Keyword Planner you can view data on Google SV and competition for the keywords you are targeting. In addition, this tool is also equipped with other data such as total clicks, impressions, cost per click (CPC)click-through rate (CTR), average CPC, and average ranking on these keywords.

Figure 3: Image of a mobile phone screen showing the Google Keyword Planner page. In order to access and enjoy the Keyword Planner service, you must first have a Google Ads account.

That is the discussion of the definition, the importance, and how to use it in keyword research complete with tools that can be used.

Indeed, in choosing keywords there are other things to consider such as the relevance of the keywords to the niche and topic, competition, and the target market for these keywords.

You can use some of the keyword research tools above to see the keyword search volume. Knowing the search volume is important for SEO experts, because the data can help them determine target keywords and estimate the amount of traffic a website will get.



Note: We have attached some of the most common questions asked by users below, along with their answers. To use the cmlabs Keyword Ranking Tracker application, you don't need to request for a quote from marketing. Please click login to the application.

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