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Yes, we will also combine these skills with SEO activities to maximize the performance of the content in capturing more visitors to your website. Consistent, engaging, and high-quality content impacts the audience more than another method. Go check your needs below here.
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Notes — cmlabs Analytics (SERPs Tracker) helps ensure that enterprises follow the search engine guidelines baked into company pipelines all the way from the first line of marketing activities. Our actions allow you to have better approach into technical and strategical SEO planning. Tap into advance level of organic marketing for your amazing company from now.

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CMLABS teams developed some tools to boost marketing activities - more specifically in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The SEO tools are free and unlimited.


These tools is beneficial for those who work in the fields of: SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing in general, Web Developer, and Business Owner.

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cmlabs Content Writing
Last update at Mar 30, 2021
What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a type of job that emerged in the early 1990s when internet activities began to flourish. The aim of content writing is to provide written content for a website. Aside from that, it serves as a summary of the website's content and an explanation of what it will do to prospective users.

Content writing is a writing activity to produce SEO-friendly articles to boost traffic and visitors to the website. This service aims to provide quality writing or articles for websites. In addition, customers and clients have the right to request writing specifications. The topic of the article is usually determined by the customers. Meanwhile, details and authorship points are left to the author or content writing service provider.

With content writing services, articles on the company's website will be more appropriate to manage. So, companies must be able to choosing the right content writing services for their website. That way the quality of the company's website will be better.

What is cmlabs Content Writing?

cmlabs provides content writing that focuses on SEO-friendly aspects. The quantity of articles is flexible, according to the company's OKR or organic competition in a certain niche. Articles mostly consist of 500 to 1000 words with weekly and monthly editorial plans. Content writing services at cmlabs includes:

Suggest page title and meta description
cmlabs will provide suggestions regarding the page title and meta description to the writing team of the company if needed. Suggestions for page title and meta description already have been researched by cmlabs writing team.
Make Heading structure strategy
The heading structure strategy is a strategy to sort the level of sales according to the order of most importance. Then H1 is the title, followed by H2 is the sub-title and until the least important is H6. Because of its importance, cmlabs will produce content and place the title according to the heading structure strategy. The function of this heading structure is for Google to be easier on capturing keywords.
Create an outline and content planning
Outline and content planning are very important things as a content writer. This aims to make the content more directed and structured. Content writing cmlabs always make plans for content before it is produced.
Search snippet enablement (additional feature that requires approval from the company)
Search snippets are summary views that appear in the Google search field. The cmlabs team will activate this feature with the consent of the company.
Why Should you Choose cmlabs for Your Content Needs?

We can say that our content writing service is superior to others. Here are some of the plus points of our SEO Content Writing Services:

SEO friendly is content that is currently needed to compete on search engines with other content. Therefore, cmlabs produces content writing that focuses on articles that are SEO-friendly. This will help the articles be easier to find on Google. So the article will increase the website traffic.
Free of Plagiarism
Plagiarism is an offense when producing an article. Therefore, cmlabs always produces content that is free from plagiarism. It is confirmed that the content produced by cmlabs does not contain plagiarism by checking it through trusted tools.
Focus on Articles to Increase Website Traffic
The article production focuses on increasing traffic for the client's website. Not only SEO friendly, but the content also matches with the market demand to increase website traffic.
Bilingual Language: EN ID
Apart from producing content articles in Bahasa Indonesia, cmlabs content writers also provide articles in English. This service is suitable for international clients aiming to target multiregional markets.
In-Depth Articles
The articles provided by cmlabs are in-depth articles written by specialists. Consist of research results and data, we provide a detailed discussion of a certain topic.
Written by Specialist in its Field
The content writing team at cmlabs consists of people who focus on their fields providing only the best articles to suit the client's requests.
Based on Data and Research
Before producing content, the cmlabs team always conducts research data to set the base keyword guidance.

Apart from these points, cmlabs content writing service focuses on company satisfaction. Not only producing content, but we also conduct pre-production (research data) to post-production by monitoring traffic as well as optimizing the required content.

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