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Note: We have collected several frequently asked questions below here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our SEO work is delivered with an in-depth approach, where we are highly concerned about the details, data-driven, and deep analysis. We are focusing our work on the product/service side, business side, competitors, trends and technical side. Every SEO recommendation and best practice are based on your business standards and SEO guidelines.

cmlabs welcomes all business niches and company sizes. Having willingness to sell the product online effortlessly, is one of the best strategies that a business owner can do. With SEO, you are able to receive repetitive conversions without costing you too much. SEO is designed to give you a sustainable position on SERP. You can ask our marketing team about the details.

We have SEO Content Writing, Content Marketing, Backlink to National Media, and Backlink that will complement your SEO needs. High-quality content will always give a lot of traffic but first, it needs to be supported by well-planned content production. Aside from that, the Content Marketing package aimed to increase a good reputation and gain the trustworthiness of a brand. We implement online publishers' price lists transparently.

All of our clients purchase an SEO Consultant package. The SEO Consultant package is the core of the whole SEO works and efforts. SEO Consultant offers you a deep research about your business opportunity through competitor analysis, learning about the product/service that you offer, and market trend research. Our clients come from different niches. Indeed, some of them are targeting foreign markets.

Yes, sure. Every KPIs and OKRs will be arranged by both parties (cmlabs and clients). Shortly, the KPIs and OKRs will be sorted by default : organic traffic, impressions, clicks, and average ranking position. We can adjust and calculate the exact number to measure and assess our collaboration success. The KPIs and OKRs will appear in the Quotation Letter we release for you.

Yes it is. We believe that giving a complete service and supported by analytic tools will give impactful results. Moreover, by using Keyword Rank Tracker for free, as the 1st phase project ongoing (either 6 months long or 12 months long), will benefit you because you can see our service quality directly.

Keyword Rank Tracker is an SEO Tools that will assist you to obtain information about your website performance, and track your ranking positions through targeted keywords. By using a Keyword Rank Tracker, you can see the market share of your business, Google Search Volume for each keyword you targeted, ranking distributions of each keyword on Google SERP, competitive landscape, and company’s OKRs.

Experience the most comprehensive SERP analytics. You can pay as you go, every keyword is worth IDR 1.800,-. It's an unlimited domain for everyone. You can also see the performance of your website through desktop and mobile versions, so you can have more insights for a better UX. Keyword Rank Tracker provides you a search competitor (a competitor that targets the same keywords as you do), but you can also input the competitor's domain manually for tracking your direct competitor.

When your business wants to optimize the high demand keywords and monitor the targeted keyword's impact on your organic visits and ranking on SERP. Keyword Rank Tracker can’t track the performance of a website with no targeted keywords. If this happens, we will assist and perhaps provide SEO Consultant service for you.

Keyword Rank Tracker will be useful for companies that have goals to escalate the market share and have plenty of keyword variety of their business. The urge of escalating the market share emerges when companies have strong competitors that threaten your company’s stability. Meanwhile the keyword variety will appear when your companies have plenty of products/services and varied target markets.

Yes, we do. We are excited and open up to work with companies who are willing to expand the market in Southeast Asia. Whether the HQ is located in Indonesia, other countries in Southeast Asia (Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), or even located in other countries but still eager to target Southeast Asia's market.

We highly recommend you to prevent SEO grey areas. Because if the backlinks that we utilize are low quality ones, some problems will occur and cause the domain ranking to decrease. We are certain that a great quality of content and the lack of technical issues will overcome high-quality backlinks eventually. But if you happen to need off-page SEO too, we will be glad to assist you for the next level plans.

We can provide Backlinks services only in our side project websites, with terms and conditions applied. Actually, Backlinks is a grey area for cmlabs. We suggest you be aware of the risk of enabling Backlinks. Backlinks have the potential to decrease your website score from Google’s perspective. A high quality website (SEO-friendly) will overcome high quality Backlinks automatically, where you can set it as "nofollow".

Yes we have. But having more experience with multinational or overseas companies will excite us! From cmlabs perspective, working with multinational companies will give us more insight and sharpen our international market behavior knowledge. You can see different case studies here.

Besides providing in-depth SEO services, we can support other activities for your business needs, e.g ASO. But ASO is not our main concern since we are focusing on SEO.

No, we are not. But we might be able to help you with Youtube Optimization in the meantime. The way search engines work and the way Youtube works are different. Search engines work for the internet, and youtube is a search engine for the video. Audiences on YouTube want to watch and learn. Audiences on Google want to access information and education about something.

If you are late to make the payment on-time for 3 months in a row, you'll get a penalty. We appreciate your consideration to make the payment on-time in any circumstances. We believe, with good communication, we can find the win-win solution if there are obstacles in our way, and we are open to discussing an agreed extended due date. Read the terms and conditions here.

The conversion rate or leads are something that we couldn't fully control, because it requires a collaboration between cmlabs’ team and your product/service development. A great product/service is one of the greatest marketing strategies, but a great online presence and reputation will support your marketing efforts.

Yes, we can help you to enable bilingual websites. A bilingual website can serve complete company information and it offers a personalized approach to each user, and explains what we can do for them in their mother language. For now, we can only help you to enable the English language, but hopefully in the future we'll be able to create a website based on a specific language.

We could not give your SEO Specialist team a training, because that is not our main focus. But we are open to signing a collaboration to help your SEO team improve and give a better result for your business. We believe that the right partner will bring you more benefits in achieving your SEO objectives.

Yes, we can. But you must understand that the result couldn't be delivered instantly, since we need to analyze deeper regarding the user behavior, market trends and we are trying to compete head-to-head with the market leader. In order to achieve the target, we recommend you to work with us for 1 year, where you will be entitled to our guarantee.

Of course we can. We will be happy to meet your awesome team in person to discuss further about your needs. A proper direct meeting will improve our engagement as a client and SEO provider. Also, we think it will be best for us to exchange ideas and expand our areas of collaboration to find mutually beneficial.

On a Content Marketing package, we sort and define the page visits based on our latest collaboration with each media, we do not involve third parties to measure the page visits. Furthermore, we will support the article released with SEO, so we can have higher traffic resulting from Content Marketing that exceeds expectations we agreed earlier. With SEO, the website authority can be escalated. Win the best result with cmlabs' Content Marketing!

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Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, cmlabs will help you solve your toughest marketing challenges. Capture who search your product in Google with precisely!

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