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Long Tail Keyword

Last updated: Jun 20, 2022

Long Tail Keyword (LTK) is a keyword consisting of 3 or more words. Such keywords can be adjusted to the target, but not all LTK is excellent and useful for your site.


The Function of Long Tail Keyword to get traffic and clicks from specific keywords. LTK is often used in commands to search stores, buy and sell, and tutorials. With longer keywords, chances are, the average competitor will be at a low level.

Here is an example of a Long Tail Keyword

In Commerce - Business - Buy and Sell:

Price of Gaming Laptops
Cake Ingredients Shop in Jakarta

In How-to articles:

How to create a website with PHP
How to create a website with WordPress

Long Tail vs Short Tail Keyword

While LTK is a keyword containing more than 3 words, then short tail keywords are keywords that consist of only 1 to 2 words. Compared to more general short tail keywords, LTK is a fairly more specific keyword.

Short tail keywords are more widely used because they have a relatively high search volume compared to LTK. However, it also indicates that short tail keyword competition is higher. It will be difficult for you to be in the top search results if you target keywords with high search volume and competition.

Instead of using short tail keywords, you can take advantage of LTK because it has quite low competition. However, the search volume for LTK tends to be smaller.

People who search with LTK know exactly what they need. That's why the search queries tend to be more specific and lead to transactional activities. Therefore, using LTK can result in higher conversions for your website.

However, the use of short-tail keywords should not be ignored. Short tail keywords can help you increase brand awareness because of the high search volume.

Long-tail keywords and short tail keywords will generate high traffic and conversions if used properly according to the user's search intent. Therefore, it is important for content writers to do keyword research before producing content.

Long Tail Keyword Tools

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Keywordtool .io
  3. Sem rush
  4. Word Tracker
  5. What’s Trending
  6. Long Tail Pro


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