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Paid Traffic

Last updated: Oct 07, 2022

What is Paid Traffic?

Paid traffic is website visits that are obtained from paid advertisements. It is considered a paid visit when the audience sees an ad on social media or search engines and then opens the URL link contained in the ad.

The traffic that comes from paid channels is one of the various types of website traffic that you should know about in SEO practices. Some examples of other types of traffic are direct traffic, referrals, and organic traffic. Each type of traffic has different advantages.

If you want to get traffic from paid ads, then you have to pay some money to other parties to bring traffic to your website. Some platforms that can bring this type of traffic to your sites are social media, search engines, other websites, or even influencers.

Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic

Previously, it was explained that there are several types of traffic, two of which are paid and organic traffic. Organic traffic is a type of traffic that is obtained by using freely available channels such as search engines and social media.

When your website gets organic traffic, you don't have to pay any money to any party. Although it can be obtained for free, the process required to get it is not short.

Unlike other types of traffic, paid traffic from advertisements requires you to provide a budget. The bigger the budget you have, the greater the amount of traffic you will get. Even so, budget is not the only factor that affects the amount of traffic you get.

The Benefits of Paid Traffic for SEO

Each type of traffic has its own advantages, including the one that costs you a significant amount of money. Some of the benefits you can gain from paid traffic in SEO are:

Getting Conversions

Getting traffic from paid platforms is one way to increase the number of conversions on your website. This is because you can set your target audience on paid channels like Google Ads and Meta Ads. That way, you can bring in the most potential customers on your website.

Increase Traffic Effectively

Another benefit of using paid channels is that you can bring in a lot of traffic in a short time. This is because the providers will push your website ads to a number of audiences with targeted demographics.

Usually, the amount of traffic you get from paid ads will be influenced by several factors, such as budget, audience settings, ad quality, website quality, and the performance of ads that have been run previously. 

Target Trending Keywords

When running paid ads, especially in Google Ads, you can target keywords that are trending. Google will display your website ads at the top of the search results (SERP) for trending keywords.

Of course, your website will only appear as long as the ad is running. Even so, you can take advantage of high searches on trending keywords to increase traffic.

Sources of Paid Traffic in SEO

Some sources of traffic that comes from paid channels are:

Paid Search

Paid search is a paid advertising channel that uses search engines. Paid search is widely used to increase conversions because the traffic that comes from paid search has a high purchase intention. An example of the most popular paid search today is Google Ads.

Display Ads

Display ads are advertisements in the form of images or videos that are displayed on websites. Usually, this type of advertising is used to build brand awareness because of its ability to reach a wide audience. You can use display ads by using Google Ads.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a type of advertising that is carried out on social media. There are various kinds of social media that provide advertising services. Some examples include Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Social media ads provide a more varied choice of ad objectives and formats. You can choose advertising objectives such as brand awareness, engagement, video views, or conversions.

Sponsored Content

One strategy in SEO is link building. The purpose of link building is to obtain backlinks from other websites. In addition to the natural way, backlinks can also be obtained by using sponsored content.

You can contact other website managers and offer cooperation in the form of paid content creation. In the content, your website link will be listed so that audiences from other websites can visit your website.

Influencer Marketing

In the era of social media, there are more and more people who work as influencers. They earn income by doing endorsements or promoting the products of a business. You can use these influencers to promote your business so that you can get traffic from their audience.



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