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Title tag

Last updated: May 09, 2022

A title tag is an HTML tag containing the title that appears on the SERP. The meta title or title tag is shown above the meta description and under the link. 


The function of the title tag is as a backlink that will connect users to your site. The title tag on the search engine display will attract users to click on your page. When a user visits your website, that is what is called a visit.

Title Tag Length

Google does not provide character or pixel limits for title tags. However, if your title tag is long enough, it will be cut off at the end and replaced by "...".

Therefore, it is strongly recommended for the title tag length to be 450 pixels.

Title Tag HTML

Title tags are positioned in the head section. But if you use WordPress, there are plugins that can make it easier for you. 

Title Tag examples in source code:

<title>Apa itu Title Tag ? - Definisi, Fungsi, Contoh HTML, SEO</title> 

* Title Tag Length in the title above is 451 px

Title Tag Tool

Gunakan Title & Meta Length Checker dari CMLABS untuk mengecek tampilan judul di SERP dan mengukur panjangnya dalam pixel dan karakter.



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