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Written by cmlabs

Disavow Link

Last updated: Mar 26, 2021
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Written by cmlabs


Disavow Link is a tool that functions to refuse a link that enters into a website. In short, this tool is useful for refusing a backlink that enters your website. 

In essence, the more positive and quality backlink that is made in optimization and creating content, the higher the website rank on SERP. 

Signs that we need to use Disavow Link

If a website has decreased the rank unnaturally and drastically, it is a sign that you need to use Disavow Link. Here are several factors that caused the website's decreasing rank.

  1.   Server Down
  2.   The website is hacked
  3.   An update on google algorithm
  4.   Backlink spam attack
  5.   The competitors optimize maximally

The right time in using Disavow Link

You can use this Disavow Link when you think that the backlink gives influence on the website. For instance, the website rank decreases or even causes the website drowned and lost from the search engine. Under this condition, the use of Disavow Link is very appropriate as prevention.

Several Dangerous Backlinks That Need Disavow

Incoming backlink from the irrelevant content

Incoming backlink with irrelevant content on the website also causes a decrease in website position. The irrelevant content can decrease the quality and the good website image you have on the search engine. For instance, violent content, porn content, and other negative contents.

Backlink from the low-quality sites

General characteristics of a low-quality website are pornographic content, discrimination content, gambling, or adult content. The other characteristic is the low Domain Authority and Page Authority. 

Automatic Backlinks

The backlink making on an automatic engine will create a poor quality of backlink in large numbers. The backlink generator is usually used by particular parties to get the wanted result instantly.

The Anchor Text is the same as the keywords

Anchor Text is a piece of text containing a link that can be clicked. This text is useful as a resource for users and search engines. The similarities between Anchor Text and keywords must be avoided to minimize the things that can harm the website. 

Backlink from the foreign website

If the website gets a backlink from a foreign website, you need to suspect and take action using Disavow Link to avoid negative things on your website.

Spamming in the comment section

Spamming comments on a website or someone’s blog leads to a negative impact, it does not increase the traffic, but it reduces the website rank on the search engine.

Dummy Blog

Dummy blog is used to increase the major blog ranking. The large scale that the Dummy Blog is done can cause link farming.

Link Farming or SEO Poisoning

Link farming is one of Blackhat SEO techniques. It increased a website rank by manipulating the search engine and or even harming the other website. This technique usually is used by entering the backdoor or malware.

Footer/ Banner/ Widget

It can decrease and harm the website position. Therefore, it is necessary to do Disavow Link regarding that situation.

How to find out the negative backlink

In order to find out the poor or negative backlink, you can use several tools that are provided, such as Search Console, Google Webmaster, or Backlink Checker, which is easy to find and use. 

How to block the backlink spam and negative backlink

First of all, make the Backlink list that will be blocked

You can use a notepad that is on the computer. Enter the domain list (without www) that will be blocked. Make sure that the domains are the poor and negative backlink. After that, save the file with format.txt, for example, hapuslinknegative.txt

Upload the Backlink list file that has been made

The list of the link that will be blocked has already been made. After that, you can click the Choose File button and choose the Backlink list file that will be blocked. After you have uploaded it, click submit.

Go to the Disavow Link

In order to disavow, you need to go into the application or tools that have a function to block the link. After that, click the Disavow link.

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