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Rich Snippet: Definition, Functions, and How to Get It

Last updated: Aug 29, 2022

What is a Rich Snippet?

A rich snippet is a short information about a website content that is shown on a search engine result page. In general, the display of a snippet can help users understand the product or content of a page better.

It is important to note that a rich snippet can be profitable for online businesses such as content writing that works on the principles of SEO. Usually, such a snippet contains product reviews or ratings that help users know the information about the content in a short time.

In general, rich snippets are a feature that can improve the effectiveness of a product or content introduction to users. For that, Google does not simply give it to any website.

The Google algorithm will check the website and decide which snippet is relevant to the search terms. You need to insert a code or markup scheme so Google can recognize it and display the snippet that can attract users to your web page.

The Functions of Rich Snippets

In practice, rich snippets are a feature that can help the search display look more interesting. Such a snippet can grab the user’s attention with the way it shows quick information about the term they want to know. Here is an example of a rich snippet:

Figure 1: An example of a rich snippet on Google SERP

Aside from providing information in a short time, rich snippets are considered a tool that can increase the website’s traffic organically. Users will be more interested to open a link with a rich snippet than a regular link.

The number of users who open the link from the result pages will increase the click-through rates, or CTR, of the website itself. The more visitors you have, the higher your rank on SERP.

The Benefits of Using a Rich Snippet

In SEO practices, the rich snippet feature is something that can prove profitable for both website owners and users. The Google algorithm will take the relevant information from the page of a website and put it on the search result page with an interesting visual.

As an example, the snippet of a review will display the rating for each of the products or the content. For searches related to procedures, the snippet displays the orders or the steps of the method itself.

Aside from that, the rich snippet on SEO can serve as a tool to grab the attention of users effectively based on the increased number of CTR on a website. In other words, the campaign can give a positive result for a brand that attracts new customers.

How to Get a Rich Snippet?

In general, a rich snippet in SEO is a feature that can be shown on a Google result page if your website has structured data. The structured data itself is a code in a particular format that can be understood by the search engine.

To get a rich snippet in SEO, you need to do certain things below:

Decide Which Markup to Use

The first step in getting a rich snippet for SEO is to choose the markup specification. To get the excerpt that you want, you need to make structured data by using one of the three markups which are microdata, RDFa, or JSON-LD.

Choose the Type of Content

Rich snippets can be displayed to match the type of content on a website. Some adjustments are also needed in the display of the snippet itself. Therefore, you need to set the type of content in the section “Business & Organizations” so that the snippet can be shown accordingly.

Complete the Needs of Your Website

In order to display the rich snippet, you need to see what your website needs according to its content. For that, make sure the data you provide is relevant to the content so that the visibility of the website can also increase organically.

Display the Markup Code

To get the rich snippet that matches your needs, make sure to showcase the markup code of your website. At this stage, the information related to the brand name, logo, and URL needs to be shown properly so the structured data can be developed further.

Trial for the Structured Data

Before getting the rich snippet for SEO, you need to perform a trial for the structured data first. Make sure the markup scheme is written properly. In order to know whether the markup scripts look exactly like what you want, you can use the JSON-LD Schema Markup Generator from cmlabs.

Check the Rich Snippet Display

After applying the steps above, you can check the website’s rich snippets periodically. Google does not specify the time until the snippet appears on the result page. It all depends on when you publish your content and how long the crawling process by Google takes.



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