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E-A-T: Everything You Need to Know

Last updated: Oct 11, 2022

E-A-T: Everything You Need to Know
Cover image: Illustration of E-A-T, which refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness as a measurement of Google's trust in a website. Check out the brief discussion in this article.


EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness which is used to measure how much trust is placed in a brand or web page, by implementing a good EAT will increase Google search rankings.

Web pages can improve the existence of their EAT on users' websites through a variety of methods, including review websites such as Google My Business, TrustPilot, and Feefo. Improve brand or EAT website must be readable in increasing brand recognition for increased sales and revenue.


In EAT, expertise is the level of expertise or knowledge in a particular field. Users can offer services or products according to their in-depth knowledge of what users are good at.


In EAT, authoritativeness is a person or web page that can be trusted, accurate, and reliable by users in a particular skill. Authoritativeness is measured to see how well a user's brand, business, or website does.


In EAT, Trustworthiness is how much trust in a brand, website, or user content. Gaining trust from clients is very important in EAT because lost trust is difficult to regain.

Why is EAT Important?

EAT is very important for all queries, especially those related to certain skills. If a user is looking for a cow image, EAT will display a cow image but in a general context.

If the user is looking for the correct drug dose, EAT plays an important role in providing accurate information. EAT is also related to the topic of YMYL which contains content on happiness, health, financial stability, and user safety.

How to Improve and Demonstrate EAT

The lack of EAT is considered to be the reason why many YMYL sites have crashed. Here are some ways to increase EAT, namely:

1. Build More Links

Although not mentioned in Google's search quality assessment guideline, the more links that refer to a web page, the higher the EAT of that page.

2. Keep Content Updating

Regularly updating content indicates that your website is active and up to date with the latest facts. So update your content regularly to ensure that the page is up to date with the latest facts.

3. Fact Check

Google's Quality Assessor Guidelines say that news articles must be factually accurate to represent a high level of EAT.

4. Get More Reviews

Google tells Quality Raters to use online reviews as a source of business reputation information related to EAT. The more reviews about a business that is run, the faster the EAT of the business increases.

5. Hire Experts

Hiring experts to write content on web pages is the right move to increase EAT. If you don't want to hire an expert, hire someone with high experience in the industry, or someone who has been creating content on the topic for a long time. Because these rights can provide information according to EAT.

6. Show Credentials

Most people don't like to brag, but when demonstrating EAT to Google, users have to show their EAT. That way Google will consider it has met their criteria.

7. Get the Wikipedia page

Wikipedia accepts several designations in QRG. But getting to the Wikipedia page is difficult. But, if a business has amassed enough authority to warrant a Wikipedia page, getting a Wikipedia page is nearly impossible.

The Relationship between EAT and YMYL

If your managed site with YMYL topics, having an EAT is very important. Google will consider web pages to provide suggestions that help people make important decisions. For example, if you make credit card transactions on a site, people must be able to trust the site, and EAT plays an important role in YMYL content.



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