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Written by cmlabs


Last updated: Mar 27, 2021
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Written by cmlabs

What Is Permalink

Permalink is the abbreviate of Permanent Link that consists of the link of your site. Permalink is different with URL. Permanent link is the identity of a page/post on a website. Each permalink has a unique language so it is less likely to find a similarity between one to another. Moreover, it is impossible to happen.

Function of Permalink

The function of permalink is to allow users to visit your site. Permalink is often used as the web address that users share through social media. In other words, the function of permalink is the identity of your page, content, or post.

The Difference of Permalink & URL

Even though both URL and Permalink are in the form of a link, but they have differences. URL is a link that directs users to the main page or homepage.

Sample of URL:


Permalink is a part of the URL. It is a link that directs users to a website’s article, post, or page.

Sample of Permalink:


Permalink Content


Protocol ⤏ https://
Hostname ⤏
Category ⤏ seo-terms/
Content / Article ⤏ what-is-www/

The “category” part is optional. It is also possible that the permalink content directly links to the article or content.

SEO Friendly Permalink

If a permalink is SEO friendly, it obeys the SEO rules. In order to make your permalink more SEO friendly, you need to put more attention to the keyword and level of the link. It is recommended to use no more than 3 levels in a permalink. 

In WordPress, there is the term slug that is related to the permalink. SLUG is as important as SEO. There are several tips and tricks that the SEO specialists can do to make SLUG and permalink become SEO friendly.


Permalink is a link or URL that directs to certain blog notes after passing the homepage and go to the archive.

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