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Web Content

Last updated: Jun 28, 2022

What Is Web Content?

Web content is textual, visual, audio, or data content published on a website. The content itself has a meaning of creative elements. Serving high-quality content is an effective marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and provide a good user experience.

You also need to optimize the content on search engines with SEO strategies so that your content can be displayed in search results that are relevant to users.


Content Types and Examples

A web is usually composed of several different content types. Here are some content types on the web along with examples:


This is a type of content that contains the text. Good textual content is unique and does not contain plagiarism from other content. Examples of using textual content on the web are blogs, review articles, landing pages, testimonial pages, CTAs, and others.


Image is a type of visual content that serves to provide an explanation of something. In addition, image content is also easier for most people to understand. Therefore, it is important to add images to the website.


Animation is a type of visual content that is formed from a set of objects arranged in such a way that it can create a movement. Examples of animated content are motion graphics, GIF images, or animations created with the help of Flash, AJAX, and other animation tools.


Audio is a type of content that contains the sound that can be heard. Audio files can be added as part of content to increase the user's desire to use the website. Examples of audio content are mp3 music, podcasts, etc.


Video is a type of audio-visual content that combines images and sound. In adding video files, web owners need to pay attention to the file format and size so as not to hinder website performance. Examples of video content are advertising video clips, YouTube videos, movies, and more.

In addition to the 5 types above, we have listed 100 types of content that can be used on your website.


Web Content Management

Content management is very important in achieving website success. In managing content, web owners need to determine the website architecture and organize content into several categories according to audiences’ needs. 

Web content management includes the division of content categories from the most general to the specific, consistent, user-accessible navigation, link management (internal links and external links), and application of metadata. You can take advantage of a CMS (Content Management System) to handle content on your website effectively.



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