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Social Media

Last updated: Jun 06, 2022

What is Social Media?

Social media is a web-based or mobile application that allows users to communicate, share content, and collaborate in building social networks.

Social media keeps people connected with other people with similar interests from all over the world so that they can exchange ideas online.

Benefits of Social Media for SEO

As we know, SEO is one of the strategies to improve website performance in organic search. One common SEO technique is to combine social media and SEO strategies to increase content visibility in organic search.

The benefits of social media for SEO are as follows:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Bringing in more organic traffic
  • Increase brand popularity and credibility
  • Increase conversion 
  • Build backlinks

5 Best Social Media for SEO

The main reason marketing teams use social media is to increase leads. Here are some of the best social media to achieve that goal.


Using Linkedin is ideal for your SEO strategy. This is because many professionals use it. You can leverage LinkedIn to increase your business visibility so that more people will recognize and trust your brand. You just need to complete the profile and set the right keyword in each of your  content.


Medium helps you reach a wider audience. Even some articles published through Medium managed to appear in the top search results despite containing keywords with high search volume and competition.


Facebook allows Google to crawl and index its content. As a result, Facebook content may appear in SERP. That is the reason why Facebook is ideal for your SEO strategy. You can get more traffic by promoting content through Facebook.


Twitter also allows your content to reach more people. To increase the visibility of your content, you can add relevant keywords and hashtags. Don't forget to add high-quality images and complete alternative text to optimize your content's performance.


Quora is a social media where people ask unique and interesting questions. You will be considered an expert when you help someone by providing answers. You can also add your website link in the answer session so that your website organic traffic can increase.


Tips on Social Media Optimization

Here we present you the tips for social media optimization that can be good for your website SEO strategy.

Publish high-quality content

Google will only show content that is most relevant to a user's search query. This is why you need to create high-quality content to perform better in organic search. To optimize your content, you can take these actions:

  • Add relevant keywords naturally
  • Use the right visual content
  • Create more up-to-date content than competitors

Create shareable content

You need to add sharing options via social media, so add a call-to-action to get your followers to share the content you attach. The call-to-action can be a link that points to one of the pages on your web.

Optimize the image file

Images have an important role in marketing. Many people are more interested in visual content than textual content because the human brain tends to process visual content faster. Not only providing images that grab your audience's attention, but you also need to optimize your images for search engines. Check out the following image optimization methods:

  • Use the relevant filename
  • Choose high-quality images
  • Reduce file size for faster image loading times
  • Use a browser-supported file format such as webp
  • Add captions and alternative text that describe the contents of the image

Optimize social media profile

Potential customers will evaluate your business through social media. Therefore, it is important to complete your business' social media profiles. Because a well-optimized social media profile can make it easier for your potential customers to find your presence online.

Actively interact with the audience

Interacting with the audience is very useful for increasing engagement on social media accounts. Interaction can be in the form of answering questions, responding to comments, asking the audience for opinions, and so on. 

It can help you build good relationships with potential customers and increase the credibility of your business.



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