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Aged Domain: Definition, Benefits, and Extra Tips

Last updated: Aug 18, 2022

Definition of Aged Domain

Aged domain is a term that refers to an active domain that has been previously used by another individual. Usually, this type of domain is old and sold for particular reasons. Even so, the name of the website still holds a value according to its index on Google.

In building a website, the age of a domain often becomes one of the factors that must be considered. Thus, the reason why an old or used domain is chosen by many online business enthusiasts who need to get the highest rank on the SERP quickly.

Compared to the new website, the domain of an old website can prove profitable from the perspective of gaining ranks on the SERP. In other words, an old domain is a solution to optimize websites efficiently.

The Benefits of Using an Aged Domain

Why do a lot of people look for old domains? Even though they are no longer used, aged domains still manage to boost the performance of a website SEO effectively. In this case, an indexed website will reach the highest position on Google SERP.

There are several benefits you can get by using an old domain, which are:

Attract Traffic Effectively

An old website has a quite high historical value. For that reason, it also gets higher traffic faster than any new domains. By using such a domain, the new owner can promote his or her content to a bigger audience.

Has a High Domain Authority

An old domain usually has a high Domain Authority score. It can be seen from the track record of the site’s performance on the SERP and its trust value from 1-100. In other words, the domain with a high DA score can attract more audiences and clicks. 

Possess Number of Backlinks

Other than high ranks on the SERP, a good old domain also possesses many backlinks. It can indicate that the website itself has a high authority and is relevant on the search pages. 

Increase the Website Rank on the SERP

One of the benefits of using an old domain is increasing the website rank on the SERP. In general, an old domain has been indexed and added to many directories. That can make the website get backlinks easier and increase its ranking quickly.

The Criteria of a High-quality Aged Domain

A domain that has been previously used tends to increase traffic quickly. However, you need to see its performance from other metrics as well. To look for quality aged domains, here are some criteria you must look for:

The Age of the Domain

An old domain tends to have higher authority on the SERP. Such a website that has been indexed will look familiar and easily trusted by the search engine. However, you must choose a domain that is not older than two years to avoid the expiration date after one year.

The Traffic Volume

Other than the age, you must inspect the domain’s monthly traffic. Even though it has been used before, not all old websites get good traffic. In other words, the volume of the traffic decides the quality of the domain itself.

Page Rank

The Google PageRank is based on the algorithm that scores a website from 0-10. In general, the rank can be seen from one of the metrics used in SEO, primarily the number of backlinks. It can be said that a quality domain is one that stays in the highest position on the SERP.

How to Buy a Quality Aged Domain

To choose which domain that needs to be bought, you can check its quality first. In this case, you need to know several metrics that are used to check a website's performance.

Technically, the quality check of a website can be done by looking at its Domain Authority and Page Authority. Aside from that, you need to see the Google index and the age of the website. You must check the backlinks and test their speed with Page Speed Test from cmlabs as well.



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