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Magento SEO

Last updated: Jan 10, 2023

What is Magento SEO?

Magento is an open-source and self-hosted online shop or ecommerce platform. Magento, like WordPress, is a platform with many themes and plugins, as well as the ability to customize its appearance as desired.

Magento has several features that can help you manage your online store, such as:

  • Content Management System: With just one admin role, you can manage the entire website's content, especially in the content section. In fact, you can also manage multiple websites with just one login.
  • Analytics: This feature can help you analyze the market and sales results. The reports that you get from the Magento analytics tool can also be edited via the Visual SQL tool.
  • Promotion and Pricing: Through the promotion and pricing feature, you can manage each promo price in e-commerce in more detail. This feature will help you set discount coupons, discounts, and shipping costs similar to ecommerce in general.

Broadly speaking, Magento SEO is defined as a strategy to optimize your ecommerce website so that it can rank at the top of the SERP by adhering to all the conditions set by search engines.

Magento SEO Best Practices

After knowing what Magento SEO is, here are some of its best practices that you must know:

1. Use Long Tail Keywords to Create Long Form Content

The first Magento SEO tip is to use long-tail keywords to create long-form content. Using long-tail keywords can help you find more specific content topics with low keyword competition. Long-tail keywords can make it easier for your website to reach the top positions of search engines.

In addition, create long-form content to provide complete and informative information to users. Combining long-form content and long-tail keywords can help you create quality and specific content with low competition.

2. Image ALT Text Optimization

Even though search engines have many smart algorithms, they have a weakness in defining the images that are loaded on your website. Therefore, using alternative text, or ALT text, on images is very important to do. When a user's browser is unable to display an image in the content, ALT Text can represent the image.

When the image descriptions on your website are easy to find, the higher the chances are that your website will appear on the top page of search engines. Google will give your website a higher ranking, when it can recognize every image loaded on the site.t.

3. Pay Attention to Website Speed

One of the most important factors is the speed with which a website loads. Take a website speed measurement with the page speed test tool to find out how optimal your website is. Apart from that, you also need to immediately find out what is causing the website speed to be poor.

Don't make users hesitate to visit your website another time just because of a low loading speed. Optimize all aspects that can help lighten the load on the website, so that your website has better speed than before.

4. Use Rich Snippet

Rich snippets are a type of microdata that facilitates organizing site information for search engines. You can display more information about ecommerce products on search results pages, such as:

  • Availability
  • Product Description
  • Pricing
  • Review
  • Star Ratings

In addition, rich snippets are able to make your website look more attractive and interactive with users. Using rich snippets has a significant impact on your website's traffic and visibility in search engines. 

5. Produce Original Content

You need to present original content to avoid plagiarism. This is important to do because Google has the ability to impose penalties on sites that are detected as committing content plagiarism.

Penalties also vary, ranging from a significant drop in ranking, to a Google Sandbox penalty that results in some of your website's URLs being missing from search engines. Therefore, create original content to keep your website in the top position on search engine pages.



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