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Written by cmlabs


Last updated: Mar 28, 2021
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Written by cmlabs

Dofollow is a backlink that allows search engines to follow the links. In other words, Dofollow will generate traffic to the linked website. By default, all the backlink. are dofollow.

Function of Dofollow

The dofollow aims to increase your website traffic. Dofollow will affect the PageRank (Link Juice) of the websites linked to the backlink. The more clicks you get from the backlinks on other websites, the higher the amount of traffic and website ranking on the SERP you would get.

Dofollow in SEO

Backlink dofollow can be applied on or to your website.

1. Other Websites linked to Your Website

Dofollow tags will benefit the traffic and SEO and will also make it easier for the website to get a higher ranking.

2. Your website linked to another website

It is not advisable to link dofollow backlinks to other websites with higher rankings. The results will turn out better with the implementation of a nofollow backlink.

However, implementing dofollow to citation sites (example: wikipedia) will actually bring benefits to your website. This occurs because the site will make your website considered valid by Google.

Example of Dofollow Nofollow

There are two types of backlink, which are dofolllow and nofollow. Both can be clicked and will be linked to the linked site.

Example of dofollow backlink code:

<a href="">Kamus SEO</a> 


Example of nofollow backlink code:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Kamus SEO</a>

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