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Last updated: Jan 13, 2023

What is Bingbot?

Bingbot is a web crawler from Microsoft that functions to collect information to make search engines recognize a site. This bot is similar to Googlebot in terms of usability. If Googlebot is used on the Google search engine, then Bingbot is used on the Bing search engine.

If a site wants to be at the top of the Bing SERP, then they must also comply with the conditions set by Bing, as applied by Google. Bing bots work by following links around the web, and finding new pages. This bot from Bing processes the link to retrieve its information to answer searches from users.

In general, bots from the search engine Bing work in three important ways which include:

  • Website crawling
  • Extracts the information
  • Gathers information to display on Bing SERPs

Bingbot’s Role in SEO

After knowing what Bingbot is, now is the time for you to know what role it plays in your SEO strategy. Check out the following explanation.

1. Helps Find and Index Your Website

Like web crawlers in general, Bing bots can make your website visible on the SERPs and easy for users to find. Like Googlebot, your website will not be visible in Bing search results if the bot has not crawled it.

When crawling a site, the bot will collect and extract any information it gets from the site to later display it in Bing search results.

You can also optimize the website pages so that they are indexed more quickly by bots from Bing.

2. Indexed on Bing Increases Traffic Significantly

If your website is included in the Bing index, this means there is an opportunity to get more traffic. This is because the bot has already crawled and indexed the website, which in turn makes it easy for users to find.

If your website has been successfully indexed on Google, optimize it so that the page is also included in the Bing index to get more traffic. Don't forget to always monitor the development of your website traffic on Bing using several tools, such as the Bing Rank Tracker.

How to Rank Your Website Pages on Bing

To get a ranking on Bing's SERP, you need to do some optimization, especially for aspects that can make your website recognized by the bot. Because the easier it is for the bot to recognize your website, the higher the ranking it will get.

You can implement several on page SEO strategies, such as:

  • Page structure: Make a good heading structure and build relevant links between pages.
  • Search factors: Use user-friendly meta titlesmeta descriptions, and URLs.
  • Website content: Create up-to-date, original, and high-quality content.
  • Page load speed: Optimize the access speed on each page of your website to maintain user convenience.


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