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Last updated: Jun 20, 2022


A lead is any audience who shows an interest in the products or services offered by your business or company. Leads have great potential to become buyers or customers.

Types of Leads

It is divided into several types based on how they qualify and the stages of the buying cycle. The types of leads, including:

Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing qualified leads are potential customers who have been involved with the marketing team's campaigns but are not ready to make transactions. For example, you have a landing page for a new offer, and the prospect is willing to fill out a form to provide their personal contact information and information.

Sales Qualified Leads

These are the potential customers who have shown their interest in becoming customers and making transactions. For example, when a potential user asks a question about your product or service and they are ready to make a purchase.

Product Qualified Leads

This type is the kind of potential customers who have tried your product, then they are interested in making transactions and becoming customers. For example, when your company offers a free trial of a new product, then potential customers show interest by asking about the features or benefits of the paid version of the product.

Service Qualified Leads

Service qualified leads are potential customers who have contacted your service team regarding their interest in becoming customers and making transactions. For example, there are users who contact customer service representatives to upgrade their product subscriptions to a higher level of customer according to their needs.

How to Get Leads

By knowing the lead types, it will be easier for you to bring in more prospects. Here are some strategies to get one:

  • Create a landing page to gather information on potential customers
  • Create high-quality content related to the products or services you offer to increase the interest of potential customers.
  • Create strong copywriting to lure potential customers to take certain actions.
  • Promote through social media so that your business can reach a wider audience.
  • You can share content in the form of e-books, posters, short guides, and other freebies content to drive quality traffic into potential customers.


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