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Holistic SEO

Last updated: Nov 17, 2022

What is Holistic SEO?

Holistic SEO is an SEO approach that optimizes all aspects of a website with the aim of providing optimal performance for users and search engines. It ensures that every part of the website is optimized in a balanced way, including backlinks and content.

The Purpose of the Holistic SEO

Holistic SEO is the solution to the ever-changing search engine algorithms. Today, Google is increasingly prioritizing the user experience. Webmasters who only care about search engines without paying attention to users will find it difficult to appear on the first page of search results (SERP).

To be able to provide the best experience for users, you need to look at the website as a whole. Some aspects that need attention are useful content, a neat website appearance, fast loading performance, maintained security, a high reputation, and satisfying products.

By implementing this approach, you can ensure that each of these website aspects can be optimized in a balanced way. That way, you may provide the best website performance to users so that they can be directed to convert. The expected end result is a contribution to long-term business growth.

Aspects of Holistic SEO

Holistic view on SEO urges you to maximize every aspect of your website in a balanced way. It means there is no aspect of the website that is heavily prioritized. For that, understand which aspects of the website you need to pay attention to.

Technical Optimization

Technical SEO is a basic aspect of a website that you should pay attention to. Its role is crucial in ensuring that the website can perform optimally when visited by users or search engines.

Some examples of technical aspects that need to be optimized include loading speed, website architecture, crawling and indexing, server performance, and the use of structured data. You can learn more in the complete technical SEO guide article

High-quality Content

The content serves as an attraction that makes the audience come to the website. You can't get an audience without offering them something of value.

This is because the audience intends to find solutions to their problems when doing a search. The content you create can be said to be the answer you present to them.

Therefore, high-quality content that is relevant and able to answer audience needs is an important aspect of SEO. You can get more information in the content marketing guide article.

User Experience

User experience and SEO are two things that cannot be separated. Websites that provide the best experience for their users will automatically improve their performance on the SERPs. This is because Google wants to provide the best results for searchers.

That is why websites that use strategies such as keyword stuffing and content duplication will have difficulty ranking high in search results because Google's algorithms will prevent their audience from finding them.

Website Security

No less important than the previous aspects, website security is something that SEO specialists must pay attention to when implementing this SEO approach.

Website security is very influential in various ways, starting from website performance, position in the SERP, user trust, and even sales. Make sure that your website has implemented various cyber security practices.

Implementation of Holistic SEO on Various Channels

You need to know that this type of SEO approach doesn't only focus on the internal website. This strategy integrates every marketing channel in order to achieve business growth.

Therefore, you also need to optimize various other marketing channels, such as social media, email, and advertising.

  • Social mediaSocial media optimization can have an indirect impact on reaching a wider audience as well as building a website's reputation.
  • Email marketing: You can take advantage of email subscriptions to build long-term relationships with website audiences.
  • PPC: Although the strategy and goals are different from SEO, PPC can help you increase traffic on your website in the short term and increase conversions.


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