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Branded Traffic

Last updated: Feb 17, 2023

What is Branded Traffic?

Branded traffic is a term that refers to the type of traffic that comes to your website when users type in the name of your product or company.

Not only on search engines, this kind of traffic can also be obtained if users click on a link that leads directly to a certain brand's website.

As a small example, if a user types in the keyword "Gucci" in the search engine column, traffic coming to Gucci's official website can be considered “branded traffic.”

This type of traffic is very closely related to branded keywords. Branded keywords themselves refer to the name of a particular brand or company.

The Benefits and Importance of Branded Traffic

Traffic that is specifically related to your brand name has many benefits that can help a site increase the credibility of your business. You can find out some of the benefits of this type of traffic in the following explanation:

  • Build brand awareness: Basically, this type of traffic shows that users are familiar with a particular brand or company name. This is the first step to increasing conversions and leads.
  • Increase site ranking on the SERP: When users already have brand awareness of your product, this will indirectly help your site to occupy the top position on the SERP. Branded keywords help search engines understand that your site is a relevant answer to the keywords a user is typing.
  • Increase brand value: This type of traffic can be used to show the credibility and value of your product because many users already know and trust it. This can show that your business's branding on the internet is successful.

Website Optimization: Ways to Get Traffic for Your Brand

This traffic can be obtained if your website is well optimized. So, how do you optimize your website? Check out the following points:

1. On-Page Optimization

The first step you can take is to optimize your website in terms of on-page SEO. Optimize your website by adding a brand name to the title tag, URL, and written content.

Create informative content that can answer questions from users. To improve the user experience, use an easy-to-understand language. 

2. Link Building

Link building is a good strategy to increase traffic to your website. Use anchor text that points to a specific page so that users are also interested in visiting other pages linked to the anchor text.

In addition, use quality backlinks and come from sites with high credibility.

3. Apply Branding Principles

To get traffic for your brand name, you need to apply branding principles to your website. If possible, the product brand logo should be displayed consistently on every page of your website.

Write a key message about your product on the main web page, and don't forget to provide social proof in the form of company logos that have collaborated with or used products from your company.



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