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Last updated: Oct 20, 2022

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is an open-source-based programming language that is used to create applications or websites. It should be noted that TypeScript programming language is a superset of JavaScript.

Then what is TypeScript in the world of programming itself? It is the type of language that provides the same features and functionality as JavaScript with some additional features. By understanding what TypeScript is and mastering it, you can code JavaScript much more simply.

TypeScript is suitable for creating complex and large-scale websites or applications with features that can simplify the creation process. As a product of Microsoft, TypeScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and has been widely used by web developers.

Understand what TypeScript is and how to use this popular programming language to make the process of making your website or application faster and easier.

TypeScript vs JavaScript

In the programming world, the discussion about TypeScript vs JavaScript is a common thing to be found. To help you understand about this topic, you can check each difference between JavaScript and TypeScript below:


  • JavaScript was developed based on the ECMAScript programming language, which was first used in website development.
  • JavaScript code execution can be seen directly on the website.
  • JavaScript doesn't require any upfront setup because the code can be implemented right away.
  • Unexpected errors such as new bugs can be found once they are implemented in the browser, making them more difficult to detect.


  • TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, so the features and functions are the same, but with a few additions.
  • TypeScript code must first be converted to JavaScript code so that it can be used in the browser.
  • Using TypeScript will require more preparation because understanding JavaScript code alone is not enough.
  • The debugging process will be easier with TypeScript so that website development can be faster.

Benefits of TypeScript

After learning about the differences between TypeScript and JavaScript, you must know the benefits of TypeScript itself. What is TypeScript from a webmaster’s point of view? A professional webmaster recognizes what makes this programming language beneficial in website development. Here are several positive sides of TypeScript:

OOP Features

OOP is an object-oriented programming method. OOP combines related data and functions into groups or objects called classes.

If likened to, a motor consists of various small components such as screws, bolts, springs, and so on. To make it easier to put together, these small components can be grouped into objects such as wheels, motorcycle frames, exhausts, and others.

With TypeScript's OOP features, you can make complex code simpler and cleaner.  

Better Team Performance

TypeScript can make the teamwork process better. This is because TypeScript has a clear and explicitly defined data structure and annotation types, so developers can easily understand the code created by their teammates.

Popular and Widely Used

TypeScript has been widely used by large companies to create websites or applications. Examples of some products that use TypeScript include Slack, Visual Studio Code, Asana, and so on.

The number of software products that use TypeScript makes this programming language one of the most popular after Python.

Challenges in Using TypeScript

Although TypeScript is popular and has many benefits, the application of this programming language also often encounters various obstacles. So, what is TypeScript like during the development process? To complete this guideline, identify what obstacles a web developer faces when using TypeScript.

Here are three obstacles in the application of TypeScript:

  1. Special tool requirement: If you want to do editing in TypeScript, you need special tools.
  2. Difficult to edit in CMS: Some CMSs do not provide a plugin that allows you to do TypeScript editing.
  3. Complex typing system: While it can make JavaScript code simpler, it can also make TypeScript code more complicated.


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