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Last updated: Mar 28, 2021

Hypertext Markup Language or abbreviated as HTML is a standard markup language to create a web page.

In a simple simulation, a browser receives a HTML document from the web server or local storage, then it will run a document rendering to the multimedia web

HTML will portray the web-page structure in a semantic way and accounted for the early “sign” for the document interface.

It is important for a beginner to know that the HTML element is a block for the HTML page builder. What is an HTML page builder?

With the construction of HTML block, image, text, and other HTML objects can be inserted into a page. These elements also supply a facility to create documents or structured-text such as post, paragraph, list, link, cite, or another tag.

Sample of HTML code

<!DOCTYPE html>

-- Header --
<title>This is a title</title>

-- Body --
<p>Hello world!</p>


HTML Version

HTML 2 - November 24, 1995
HTML 3 - Januari 14, 1997
HTML 4 - Desember 18, 1997
HTML 5 - Oktober 28, 2014


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