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Multimodal Search

Last updated: May 16, 2023

What is a Multimodal System?

A multimodal system is one that utilizes existing information in various modalities, such as text-based and visual information.

The multimodal system allows retrieval of relevant documents from a database whose similarities match queries in more than one feature space.

This feature space can take various forms, such as text, images, video, audio, and so on.

What is a Multimodal Search?

Multimodal search is a unified system that is described by a system that is capable of handling searches in the form of text and images in one query.

The multimodal system allows the user to input a query through the search interface, and the search results are considered to be able to provide a more intuitive search experience for the user.

You can see real-life examples of implementing such a type of search on online shopping sites.

Multimodal search allows retrieving relevant documents from indexed databases.

The relevance of a query to a user's search intent will be evaluated by measuring the similarity of available products to a particular query in more than one format, such as text, image, audio, or video.

Simply put, this system is referred to as “multimodal” because it has a basic mechanism that is able to handle several different input formats at the same time.

The Importance of Multimodal Systems

The number of variations in data formats that are growing every time makes developers need to design an effective multimodal search engine to provide a better search experience for users.

In addition, the development of the model of this search becomes interesting because of its ability to retrieve data from a query in different formats, whether it's text, images, audio, or video.

One way to develop multimodal systems is to build search engines that allow users to insert their queries via a specific interface.

The main goal of developing this system is to retrieve results relevant to multimodal input queries.

Therefore, search engines should be able to handle textual and visual modalities simultaneously to make their performance more effective.

Multimodal & Multilingual Systems

As you know, a multilingual system is capable of receiving queries in one language and fetching indexed documents in another.

In fact, a search system can be categorized as a multilingual system if it can retrieve relevant documents from the database by matching document content, or descriptions, written in one language with text queries in another language.

Pairing sentences in other languages with visual concepts is one way to represent the use of a multilingual system model.

This is similar in concept to a multimodal system in that the multimodal has the ability to define a query in different search formats.

A multilingual system that is able to combine information from multiple sources and multiple languages is called a multilingual multimodal system.



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