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Exact Match Keyword

Last updated: Oct 11, 2022

Exact Match Keyword
Cover image: Illustration of exact match keywords, which are the types of keywords to provide focused search results. Learn about the brief information in the following discussion.

Exact match keyword is a keyword type that provides results regarding the demand of search in detail and focused.

Exact Match Keyword is one of keyword equation types provided by Google AdWords that enable users to advertise on search that is done by exact match words on a certain word. It also shows results in detail based on what users look for.

In SEO, Exact Match Keyword refers to search results based on keyword in a search. As time goes by, Exact Match Keyword is very important for paid and organic search.


Exact Match Keyword on Google AdWords

Exact Match Keyword is normally used when users target an ad to a certain type of search with Google Adwords, in which the users want to display the ad for a certain word or phrase.

A common mistake that usually done by users is using keyword types that do not suit their websites, so the users' ad does not appear as it should be.

When it happens, users can decide types of keywords which suit their websites, and they can also pay for their ads to be on the top search.


The difference between Exact Match Keyword and Partial Match Keyword

Partial Match Keyword is frequently considered the same as Exact Match Keyword, but in Partial Match Keyword, the search result refers to several matched keywords, yet only some parts of it.

At the same time, Exact Match Keyword presents keywords that users look for exactly the same as the search request in the form of either links or domain names.


Exact Match Keyword / Partial Match Keyword for organic results

Organic ranking is determined by Google Algorithm. If users want to understand more about how Exact Match Word and Partial Match Word work in organic results, they can try these things below:

  1. When users search cmlabs without quotation marks, Google will present various results.
  2. When users search cmlabs with quotation marks, the results will be exactly like what they are looking for.

Due to various ways, variety of words in search and Google's great ability, creating contents that users might search still gives a good rank although only few keywords are added.


Anchor Text on Partial Match or Exact Match

If the targeted keyword on website page is "cmlabs" and the external domain connects to that page with the same name, it can be considered that the page has been linked using anchor text Exact Match. While, if the website page links to another page which is not suitable with the added keywords, it can be considered that the page uses anchor text Partial Match.

One of SEO strategies is to check backlink profile of a certain website to see whether there are many links use anchor text, and users can check it through Link Explorer.


Various Types of Keywords


Broad Match is a keyword that enables users to reach as many clients as possible and to direct larger volume to users' websites, yet the relevance is low. It is because there is no specific symbol of this type, and Google can target another keyword which is the synonym of the keyword that has been decided by users.

For example: Female hat

In this case, ads will not solely appear with that keyword. There is a possibility that keywords like "buying female hat," "female dress," and others will also appear.


Broad Match Modifier is a keyword that enables users to get bigger control of the search result display and to increase the traffic relevance of clients using ads. Normally, this type uses (+) as a symbol in front of the keyword.

For example: + female + hat

 In this case, search engines will present keywords such as "female scarf and hat," "fashion female hat."


Phrase Match is a keyword type in which its target is in the form of phrase. This kind of keyword make the search result more specific than the other types before. It gives users more advantages in attracting clients to users' websites. The order of keywords also have to be suitable with the keywords that users use. This type uses quotation marks ( " ) at the beginning of the keyword.

Keyword example: "female hat"

In this case, more specific keyword will be presented, such as "Blue female hat," "buying hat for female."


Exact Match is a keyword type that will give a result which matches the search request in detailed. This keyword type will target a keyword that exactly the same with the keyword that users have decided, so the visitor traffic that users produce through this type of keyword is easy to monitor by the website's owners. This keyword type uses brackets symbol ( [ ] ) at the beginning and end of the keyword.

For example: [ female hat ]

In this case, keywords that exactly searched by users such as "female hat" or "hat for female" will be presented.



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