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Last updated: Mar 27, 2021
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Written by cmlabs

Definition of PWA

PWA Progressive Web Application is a method of creating software which uses combinations from regular website, mobile and desktop applications. It means that Progressive Web Application method is a traditional web application which is improved by modern web technology to make it has general web features.  

In the IT field, Progressive Web Apps is well known as “your website but better.” Basically, PWA can be used to shorten the way while using the application that has been made specifically in mobile version. Also, PWA can present the facility and the same users experiences while accessing both via application and web browser.

The characteristics of Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Not only for increasing the web performance to be better but also can be expected to create new standards by the application installed and well supported by all platforms.

Tend to be Progressive

Progressive Web Application can make a website has a fast loading page no matter what browser is used. Progressive Web Apps can run well since it was built by increasing progressive principles.

It Doesn’t Depend on Connectivity

Made by the assistance of service workers, PWA can still be accessed in a weak network or even if it does not connect to the network.


PWA can be accessed using a perfect display for all of devices, such as mobile, desktop, or tablet.


It is easy for you to share PWA using URL or link without inputting complicated installation processes.

Up to Date

As supported by service workers, Progressive Web Apps will always be up to date.

The Advantages of Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Progressive Web Application can be used to implement a website if you want to be on the main search page. Using PWA allows us to implement the interface and function based on the right SEO rules.

Save Data Storage

Another advantage of Progressive Web Apps method is that saving and compressing data needed to save the application up to 90 percent. For example, comparing between Facebook application and Facebook Lite (using PWA method). Facebook application needs about 40 MB storage space while Facebook Lite only needs about 1 MB space.


The developed application using the PWA method can be used to shorten the loading time on the website page. Besides, it can be accessed in a poor network or even without a network or offline. It happens since the use of service workers that functions on saving data that has been inputted in a device. So, if the application is accessed offline, the service worker will present the page based on the last accessed data. Service worker saves the data in the form of a cache.


Applications that are used by Progressive Web Apps method will naturally feel as native apps.

Responsive and Fast

Usually the regular website has disadvantages in unresponsive interface user. By using PWA, you can make data saving applications but the user interface is more responsive as native app by the help of cache and service workers. The use of effective and efficient code structure can increase the website responsiveness.

Mobile First-Approach

The use of Progressive Web Application does fit to optimate the website on mobile. If the application is made using PWA method, so the user can enjoy services using browser or installing application if needed. It minimizes the case install-uninstall application and the user interaction will increase. It is not only can be used on mobile but also on the desktop.

Cost Effective

If installing the website using PWA, you don’t need to develop mobile native applications separately. In short, you have to focus only on website development. Sure, it will minimize the budget. 

The Disadvantages of Progressive Web Application (PWA)


Progressive Web Application was firstly introduced by Google in the middle of 2017. It made many people have not known what PWA is. It may only be the developer and businessman who know the use of PWA in the developed website and application.

It is Often Compared with Native App

Most people think that Progressive Web Application is not better than Native App or even comparing the two. It happens since Native App has been launched for a long time and well known for public, while PWA is a new one, so that many people think that it is not better than Native App.

PWA Platform Supported


Microsoft has supported the use of PWA through Windows 10 updated by the name of Redstone 4. PWA can be downloaded by visiting the Progressive Web Apps official website then installing using Google Edge. Microsoft has also provided PWA on store that makes the installation process easier. The developer can also register the application by their own to Microsoft Store, then Microsoft will do website selection using good PWA and automatically will be inputted. Also, Microsoft will make the user easy to search and install without reopening Google Edge.

Google Chrome (Android)

Google Chrome on android device has supported PWA installation, such as other mobile browsers. For example, Mozila, Opera, and Firefox. Google uses WebAPK technology which enables the changing of PWA to APK file, so that it can be installed on mobile device as other applications.

Google Chrome (Windows, Linux, Mac)

PWA is assigned to change the Chrome Apps platform. Besides, PWA also runs with Chrome for desktop version.

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