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Google Analytics

Last updated: Oct 11, 2022

Google Analytics
Cover image: Illustration of Google Analytics as an analytical tool from Google that works to monitor website performance. Check out the brief information in this article.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is Google's web analytics tool that functions in monitoring traffic, visitor demographics, and website performance. Web owners can access this tool for free. To support the needs of its users, GA is equipped with data visualizations that are easy to understand and can be utilized to improve the user's business activity.

Google Analytics Significance

This tool provides analytical data that you can use to monitor the performance of your website. Some of Google Analytics' significance are:

  • Provides information on the amount and source of traffic. One of the functions is to provide data regarding the number of visitors over a certain period of time and allow you to know the source of traffic that your website has managed to get.
  • Provide visitor demographics. GA is also able to show you visitor information such as location, age, device type, interests, and more. It is useful for web owners to get to know their visitors better.
  • Comes with data on the number of conversions. Another function of this tool is to find out how many conversions occurred on your site.

Google Analytics Report

To start your experience in GA, you will first need to create an account and set up properties. After successfully logging into your Analytics account, select the reports menu to view the results of your web analysis. The following reports are subject to change at any time according to the tool features development.

Some of the Google Analytics reports are as follows

Realtime Report

Realtime reports contain the latest web analytics data including the number of active users and their device types in the last 5 minutes. You can also view other reports such as location, traffic sources, currently active content or pages, events, and conversions.

Audience Demographics Report

This tool also provides data related to the visitors' demographics. This feature allows you to view visitors by country, city, language, age, gender, to interests. This data can be used by web owners to better identify their audience so that the content or advertising campaigns produced can hit the target.

Audience Technology Report

Related to visitor demographic information, this tool also allows you to see what technology these visitors use to access your site. This feature allows web owners to view visitors’ data based on browser type, operating system, device, screen resolution, and so on.

Acquisition Report

Acquisition reports can tell you which channels your site visitors are coming from. This report contains an acquisition overview that displays a summary of user acquisition data and traffic.

You can analyze how many visitors you get from both organic search and paid campaigns. Besides, you can also analyze user trends and monthly visitor growth through traffic acquisition.

Visitor Engagement Report

This report focuses on the visitor engagement that occurs on your website. There are several reports that show visitor engagement, including engagement overview, events, conversions, page, and screens. This data allows you to see the number of audiences on each page, the average time a user is on the page, and the conversions that occur.

Monetization Report

In this feature, you can view reports related to monetization activities that occur on your website. Details of the monetization report include an overview of monetization, e-commerce purchases, in-app purchases, and publisher ads. With this data, you can analyze the best-selling products and ad performance to see the amount of revenue by user device type.

Retention Report

Retention shows the percentage of customers you managed to retain over a certain period of time. This feature allows you to see how many new and returning visitors are using your website. The reports presented contain data related to retention and user interaction with easy-to-understand data visualizations.



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