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Google Knowledge Graph

Last updated: Mar 28, 2023

What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Google Knowledge Graph is data containing structured semantics and markup to help connect concepts and ideas in information retrieval activities. The existence of this graph helps users get information that is relevant to search queries.

The Knowledge Graph can be called a cross between an encyclopedia and a database. Each article on the search page is referred to as an entity by the developer. Meanwhile, Google itself calls it a topic in articles intended for users.

Topics in the Knowledge Graph can take any form, such as a unique identity that can be seen in a Google URL. Usually there are several captions to explain the topic such as:

  • Name or label
  • Type
  • Description
  • Picture
  • Text contains sources

When you enter a query about a well-known figure, Google will return relevant search results based on data from the Knowledge Graph. This is Google's move to build a new generation of search through search engines.

The Knowledge Graph uses the collective intelligence from the internet to understand the world in a comprehensive way. Google's sources are not only from public databases such as Wikipedia. Google's Knowledge Graph operates at scale to provide users with in-depth information.

Benefits of Google Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph from Google is not the only one in the world. There are other graphs that operate like the Google Knowledge Graph, such as Wikidata and IMDB. But Google builds this Knowledge Graph to provide comprehensive information to users.

The benefits of the Knowledge Graph for improving searches on Google can be seen in the following points:

Finding the Right Information

Sometimes the keywords entered in the search field can be ambiguous for search engines. However, with the Knowledge Graph, these queries can be understood based on search intent and the topic the user wants to explore.

This is what makes Google find the right information to present to users. In this case, users do not need to add an explanation to inform what they are looking for. Google will understand the query automatically based on the topic or search keyword entity.

Get the Comprehensive Summary

With the Knowledge Graph, Google can better understand search queries. This search engine can display a comprehensive summary, including relevant content presented to users.

The summary includes some important facts that users may need to understand a topic. If you are looking for information about Albert Einstein, his biography and achievements will be displayed on the main page.

Deepen and Expand Information Coverage

Google uses the Knowledge Graph to broaden the scope of information and reach data that is rarely found by ordinary users. That way, users can find out some new facts that can make them interested in new things.

Say, you are interested in a movie starring a famous actor. Then, you find from searching on Google that there are many other movies of the actor. This information can make you curious and prompt you to start looking for more information about the actor, or maybe even watch a film that is included in that filmography list.

How the Google Knowledge Graph Works

In general, the Knowledge Graph on Google works by displaying topics related to user search queries. For Android users, the use of this graph can be found in the "Discover" feature on the home screen.

Google can use information about user behavior to understand which topics are considered important based on history. You can also see other interesting topics on Google Trends, Google Discover, or even Google Web Stories. This can provide insight for SEO practitioners.

The Knowledge Graph also plays a role in displaying features that enrich SERPs, such as rich snippets and featured snippets. Therefore, website optimization activities are important to do so that the pages you present get top rankings and get these Google features.



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