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Search Query

Last updated: Jul 13, 2022

What Is Search Query?

A web search query is a word or phrase that a user types when they search the internet. These words or phrases will then return a number of relevant search results.

This terms and keywords make some people confused. Therefore, we will also provide information regarding the differences between the two.


Difference between Search Query and Keyword

Actually both terms are related, a keyword can form a search query and a search query itself is a combination of several keywords that are used to search for information.

The difference between the two lies in the user. Web search query is words used by internet users in their browsing activities, while keywords are a collection of words used by content writers and digital marketers in creating content.

In practice, a content writer will choose keywords based on words or topics that may be searched by internet users. That way, the content they produce can reach the target audience.


Types of Search Query

When you learn about how search engines work, you will find that the keywords used in conducting searches consist of several types. Take a look at the following types of:


Informational queries are words or phrases that are used to search for specific information. Usually, users will use this type of query when they want to find answers to a question they have or when they want to learn something. For example, “How do you fish?”.


Navigational queries are often used by users who want to visit a specific website. The type of word used is related to the company name, product name, or other words that indicate identity.

For example, when a user wants to log in to the cmlabs website but doesn't know for sure which is the official website of the company. Then the user can type the query “login to cmlabs” to visit the official website of the company.


A transactional query is a word or phrase that is used when a user wants to perform a search with a purchase objective. Users tend to enter specific keywords related to the product or service they are looking for. For example, "how to subscribe to youtube music" and others.



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