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Wordpress Plugin

Last updated: Jun 14, 2022

Definition of WordPress Plugin

WP Plugin is an application that allows users to add new features and functions to a WordPress website. The plugin is written in PHP programming language and integrated with WordPress, nowadays there are more than 48.000 free plugins that are available in the directory.

In 2003, WordPress started as a simple tool to help users create blogs. Over the years, WordPress has developed as a content management system and application framework. Especially due to the availability of plugins.

The Advantages of WP Plugin

  • Makes the users easier to embed a new shortcode in WordPress.
  • Adding the new functionalities that are essential for WordPress site performance by using new plugins as needed.
  • Modifying the functionality which is used on the website page by using a better plugin.
  • Removing the unnecessary functionality while maintaining other plugins.

How The WP Plugin Works

The users can modify the existing WordPress functionality or add the new one. Every installed plugin on the page can automatically register on the basis of data WordPress. Users can also activate and deactivate it as needed. After WordPress is connected to the database, the server will load the Plugin that has been active then it is sent by the browser to the user.

How to Install WP Plugin

There are three ways to install a Plugin, there are:

1. Installing the Plugin using the WP Plugin search

The easiest way to install a Plugin is that by using WordPress Plugin search. The only option to install it is that the Plugin must be available in the WordPress Plugin Directory which is limited to the only free Plugin.

For adding a new plugin, the user can go to the Plugins menu on the left panel, ➔ select add new ➔ type the plugin name to be searched for in the search field ➔ click install now ➔ wait until it finishes installing ➔ active now.

2. Installing WP Plugin using WordPress Admin Plugin Upload

Paid plugins are not available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. This plugin can not be added using the first way. For adding paid Plugin, the users can go to the Plugins menu on the left panel ➔ add new ➔ select upload plugin ➔ enter the paid plugin that has been downloaded before ➔ click install now ➔ wait until it finishes installing ➔ install now.

3. Installing Manually with FTP

In some cases, the users can not add plugins because of the limit on their WordPress. To overcome the problem, the users can add plugins manually using FTP.

Open the FTP Client and connect it to the website using the host website, after it is connected, the users can go to the page/wp content/plugins ➔ upload the downloaded plugin ➔ if it is successfully installed, the users can find it on plugin menu ➔ click activate on the Plugin which is successfully added.

The Use of WP Plugin

A WordPress plugin is a software application that is integrated and running on WordPress software. It allows the users to create almost any type of website with WordPress, there are:

  • Creating an online shop using Woocommerce
  • Creating a job board for every Job Manager.
  • Creating a photography website using Envira Gallery.
  • Creating web such as Wikipedia using Knowledge Base.


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