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Written by cmlabs

Featured Snippet

Last updated: Mar 27, 2021
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Written by cmlabs

Featured Snippet is a preview of a sentence that appears on the top rank of Google search engine to answer a user's query. The content preview is automatically taken from a web page of Google index.

The Reason Why Featured Snippets are Important for SEO

A Featured Snippet impacts SEO in two ways, which are :

  1. To get more click from organic search result. According to Search Engine Land, a featured snippet gets 8% of all clicks on a search engine.
  2. To increase the number of search without click. When a user does not click one of the search results, snippet will show the answer that the user is looking for.

Types of Featured Snippets

There are four main types of featured snippets that often appear on the Google search results, they are :

1. Definition Box

A Definition Box is a featured snippet that is designed to give direct and brief information on the top of a search engine. A definition box is used to answer a user's question.

2. Table

A featured snipped will display the data gathered from several websites in a table. For example when we search for "mattress size", it will show us the mattress' width and length in a table.

3. List

List on Google is a list of stuff or activities done in certain order. List is also used to rank some things, e.g. the movie rankings, how to make fried rice, cake recipes, etc.

4. Unordered List

Unordered List on Google is a way to present a list of stuff that does not need to be done in order, e.g. keyword research tools.

How to Optimize for Featured Snippets

1. Find SERP through Featured Snippets

The first step is to look for a page on the search results that already has a snippet. For instance, when users search for "best laptop gaming 2020" they will see a list of a snippet.

There are two ways to look for SERP that has a snippet :

  • Search for many keywords one by one
  • Use tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs

2. Custom Optimization for Featured Snippets

There are four ways of content optimization for the four types of snippets, they are :

  • Definition

There must be 40-60 words in a snippet

  • Table

Google is likely get the content for snippet table from table

  • Make a List

By making a list on the web page, it eases Google and the user to understand the content on the web.

  • Utilize Long Tail Search on the Website Page

How to Rank for Featured Snippets

1. Use SEM-rush to Find the Competitor's Snippet

Users can use this tool or google to find their competitor's featured snippets. Users can optimize their content for the same word and topic if they know their competitor's featured snippet, and remember to pay attention to the other keyword variations to boost the website rank.

2. Use Google to Reveal Featured Snippets

The best way to find the optimized snippet for content is by analyzing what actually the users look for to answer. Through this, the users will instantly identify the competitors and their content ideas in minimal time and effort.

3. Find the COntent Idea to Answer Public Questions

Featured snippets appear because of questions, therefore users should be able to answer the how, what, when, where, why, and who. After that, users must focus to the high-frequency questions.

4. Do Keyword Research

 Users can optimize keyword research to help them to use the tool to get snippets to find out whether or not the search query bring up the results.

5. Answer Some Questions

 Focus to add an article that answers a lot of questions to get the featured snippets.

6. Keep the Number of Words Optimal

The ideal number of words for content is 40-50.

7. Use a Header

One of the fast ways to manage snippet format is to break the parts such as title and subtitle using paragraph style that is provided by Google documents or wordpress.

8. Use High Resolution Photos and Videos

 The majority of users prefer to learn through visual than text (verbal), that is the reason why photos and videos can boost rank.

The definition of one term may be imprecise and should be adjusted accordingly. So don't hesitate to contact us via email at In order to provide better quality and relevance of content, we thank you for your contribution of suggestions and input.
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