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Last updated: Oct 21, 2022

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a JavaScript library designed to speed up the website creation process. jQuery is one of the most popular open source based software tools used for writing JavaScript code.

So, what is jQuery in regards to JavaScript? The function of using jQuery is to simplify the process of writing JavaScript code. By using it, you can create interesting animations on your website without requiring in-depth JavaScript knowledge.

If you are a novice website developer, then knowing what jQuery is and how to use it will really help your work.

Advantages of jQuery

Why is an understanding of what jQuery is so needed? What is jQuery for web development? Here are some of its advantages:

Most Popular JavaScript Libraries

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in the world and has helped many web developers with developing interactive websites. jQuery itself has advantages, such as the many learning resources that you can access from this library.

In addition, many companies also use jQuery on their websites. The ability to use jQuery will be very useful in the web development field.

Help Developers with Code Writing

What is jQuery in terms of code writing? jQuery's role in this case is to help developers write JavaScript code more concisely. This is in line with jQuery's slogan "write less, do more".

The simple jQuery writing system will be very easy to understand, even for website developers who are beginners in the programming world.

Create Animation Easily

As previously explained, writing JavaScript code that uses jQuery will be more concise. Thus, the process of creating complex effects or animations will be much easier.

jQuery Weaknesses

Although jQuery has various advantages that are very useful for creating websites, this application also has disadvantages. Here are some jQuery flaws that you can find:

  • Incompatible versions - Currently, jQuery is available in various versions. Therefore, there are several versions of jQuery that are compatible with other versions.
  • Lightweight interface features - The existence of a lightweight interface feature in jQuery can cause problems in the future.
  • Open source application - jQuery is an open source based software. Applications like this are very prone to problems because there is no standard that regulates them.

jQuery Features

As a JavaScript library, jQuery provides several excellent features that will simplify the process of writing JavaScript code. The excellent features of jQuery are as follows:

  1. HTML manipulation - jQuery allows you to perform search, selection, and manipulation of DOM elements in HTML pages.
  2. CSS Manipulation - You can manipulate CSS elements by using the 'css()' method.
  3. Cross-browser compatibility - jQuery is compatible with a wide range of modern browsers. 
  4. Event handling - jQuery supports event handling such as mouse button clicks.
  5. Using AJAX - You can develop a responsive website that is rich in features using AJAX technology.
  6. Built-in animation - You can create custom animations using the 'animate()' method.


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