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Written by cmlabs

Yandex Search Engine

Last updated: Mar 27, 2021
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Written by cmlabs

Yandex is the largest search engine from Russia that becomes a major competitor for Google company. Yandex SEO is a place for companies and entrepreneurs who want to promote their products or services in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Factors in Increasing Rankings on Yandex SEO

Several factors that affect the rank on Yandex search are:

Technical Optimization

A website must meet the general requirements in Yandex. Users should give access to the robot in the search engine to understand the content and structure of the website


A site with a good quality of contents has many questions in it, and the site should answers all the questions.

Website Area

Yandex Search Engine will show the result of a search based on the location of users. However, Yandex normally prefers a website of a company whose the location is the same as the users.

Factor of Commercial Rating

Among several websites that provide responses as well as the request on the search engines, Yandex tries to find the most reliable website. Factors that can affect the credibility of a website are the detailed information about the company, the services offered, both transaction and non-transaction, reviews from customers or a company's partners, and others.

User Behavior

In this case, Yandex measures the ease that users get in opertaing a website.


As how it works on Google, to increase the rank of Yandex SEO, there should be keyword that is used to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Age of The Domain

The age of a domain is a major factor in determining the rank of Yandex. There is one thing that should be done when users launch a new site and want it to be well-known by all Internet users. It is by buying a domain from the old site of the previous owner.

Meta Tags

Search Algorithm on Yandex pays an attention to the similar meta tag on Google, yet Yandex is stricter so that users have to make title, meta keywords, URL, and canonical tag carefully.


Backlink is also vital in increasing the rank of a website page on search engines. However, in Yandex, if the backlink have no or doesn't produce traffic, it means the backlink is worthless.

Mobile Friendliness

A web page has a mobile version in which it can increase the rank of the website, as nowadays there are many smartphone users rather than laptop or desktop PC users.

The Differences between Yandex and Google

  • If Google is global, then Yandex is local. This is because Yandex focuses more on their own areas in which the searches on the search engines are based on the relevant geographical location with the certain websites.
  • If Google sees more on results and its increase in rank is fast, then Yandex is the other way around. Using SEO on Yandex takes a little bit longer for their websites are static.
  • Although both Google and Yandex consider the users' behavior, Yandex considers this case as a major factor in increasing the rank of a website in which it makes the website works optimally and has a high quality content.
  • In Yandex, link building is not a major factor in increasing a rank.
  • The time in creating a domain takes an important role in increasing the rank of a website, but it doesn't work the same on Google.
  • Yandex has fewer webmaster tools than Google, but it is more responsive than Google.
  • Yandex focuses more on fresh contents of a web page.
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