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Last updated: Apr 10, 2023

What is WebP?

WebP is an image format developed by Google that compresses image file sizes without compromising their quality.

The development of this image format was carried out after Google acquired On2 Technologies. Technically, WebP combines the best qualities of JPEG and PNG.

This format is created with more advanced compression technology than the JPEG and PNG formats. The results obtained are smaller files with the same quality or even better than JPEG or PNG.

Images in the WebP format are usually used on web pages to present visual content more efficiently and quickly.

Advantages of Using WebP

After learning about "what is WebP" briefly, you should know the advantages of this format. WebP is an image format that promises efficient loading of website pages.

Compared to JPEG and PNG, WebP loads faster, so page speed is not significantly affected by their presence.

Some of the advantages of using WebP are:

Save Bandwidth

The WebP format has a smaller file size than JPEG and PNG. Therefore, not much bandwidth is required for users to load images in this format.

Using WebP will be very useful on websites that present content in the form of images, such as blogs about photography, travel, or DIY tutorials.

Serving Higher Quality

The smaller WebP file size has no effect on image quality. With WebP, images loaded by users remain in HD quality even if they are small.

High-quality images that can be loaded in a short time will also have a positive impact on the website's user experience.

It should also be noted that WebP also supports transparent images and animations that can be used to enhance the quality of website pages from a visual standpoint for the user's eyes.

Optimizing Website Performance

As website speed and user experience increase, search engines will judge that the website is of high quality.

This light loading of images can have a positive effect on a website's ranking on the SERP.

Disadvantages of Using WebP

Understanding "what is WebP" and the advantages of the image format is not enough. You must understand its downsides to grasp the idea of WebP better.

While the WebP image format has many advantages, there are some disadvantages you should be aware of.

WebP is a relatively new image format. So, don't be surprised if this format is not supported by all browsers.

Today, more and more browsers support WebP, but there are still some older browsers that don't support this format.

This can cause images to fail to be accessed by users of some browsers that do not support the WebP format.

On the other hand, the WebP format is still not supported by several types of editors. Although more and more image editing applications support the format, there are still some editors that do not support it.

The unavailability of access to these formats in several types of editors can limit the user's flexibility in carrying out the image editing process.

Impact of WebP on SEO

WebP is an image format that can have a positive impact on SEO when used correctly.

As mentioned earlier, WebP is advantageous from an SEO perspective as it loads in a short amount of time.

WebP file size is smaller than other image formats such as JPEG and PNG, so the page speed of websites that use this format will increase.

Web page loading speed is an important factor that search engine ranking algorithms pay attention to.

Therefore, using WebP has a positive impact on SEO, which in turn can increase the ranking of a website.

With faster loading, websites can also provide a better user experience.

The impact of using WebP is that the visitor retention rate will increase and the bounce rate will decrease.



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