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What is Keyword Density? Definition, Functions, Tools, SEO Tips

Last updated: Aug 29, 2022

Keyword Density is the composition amount of the main keywords and certain keywords in the article. Keyword density uses the unit of percentage (%). To find out the keyword density, the writer will need keyword density counter tools.

The function of Keyword Density

Keyword density function to display the number of times a word is mentioned in the article. Display keyword density is sorted from the most frequently mentioned keywords (the highest percentage).

Keyword Density in SEO

In writing a good article, there is a maximum limit of keyword density. Ideally, the main keyword must meet 1-2% of the entire article.

What if the keyword density exceeds that number?

Google can track the presence of spam on a page. The possibility that most often occurs if the keyword density in your article exceeds the ideal value is that the page will be hard to be on the first page of search engines.

How to Calculate Keyword Density

Keyword density is an important thing that writers must pay attention to. Even keyword density can improve article performance in organic search. To calculate keyword density, you need to know how many times a keyword is mentioned in the article. Take a look at to the following calculation formula:

Keyword Density = (total keywords mentioned / total number of words in the article) x 100%

For example, you target the keyword “content writer” and that word appears 30 times in an article consisting of 2000 words. In accordance with the above formula, the keyword density obtained is (30 / 2000) x 100% = 1.5%.

In addition to calculating the percentage of keyword density using the above formula, writers can also use the keyword density calculator.

Keyword Density Calculator

Keyword density calculator or word counter is a tool used to calculate the density of your targeted keywords. This SEO tool can be accessed for free and completed with an explanation, such as a description of the number of words in one article text to a keyword density table that can be grouped according to the number of words.



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