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Last updated: Apr 17, 2023

What is SpamBrain?

SpamBrain is a technology used by Google to identify websites containing spam since 2018.

This artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology was developed by Google to help recognize website pages that contain spam and do not provide relevant information to users.

Identification of this spam is done by various methods and content filtering techniques based on the spam database.

Google continues to develop SpamBrain to deal with various types of spam that are increasingly sophisticated and dangerous.

By 2021, this spam filter technology will be able to identify websites with indications of spam six times faster than it could in 2020.

The results of these periodic updates can be seen in the number of spam hack cases, which have decreased by up to 70%.

On the other hand, gibberish spam on the hosting platform was also significantly reduced by 75%.

SpamBrain was designed to combat various types of manipulation on the web.

Until now, Google has continued to make updates to provide users with better protection for safer search.

SpamBrain's Role in Google Search

After getting to know SpamBrain briefly, you need to recognize its role in Google search.

As is well known, Google's artificial intelligence (AI) technology is designed to overcome the issue of spam in search. The following effects can be felt from having AI protect users from spammy websites:

Improve Search Quality

Updates in 2021 have helped Google fight link spam, which can lead to crimes such as scams and online harassment.

Indirectly, eradicating spam with this widespread identification of unnatural links makes search quality even better.

Protect User Safety

In addition to improving search quality, Google also uses this anti-spam technology to protect user safety.

With the rollout of the 2020 algorithm update, spammy search results were reduced by up to 40%. This is because the scope of spam eradication is wider. It allows Google to offer more protection to its users from dangerous types of scams.

This broad coverage also includes Google's efforts to deal with online harassment issues and exploitative content found on the SERPs.

Minimize Ranking Manipulation Effects

Google's efforts to improve search quality are reflected in low-quality content that is rarely found at the top of search results pages.

In the fight against spammy websites, Google's anti spam technology is also capable of sorting out spammy content, such as keyword stuffing, to manipulate rankings.

In 2021, the quality of Google search results will improve along with the implementation of product review evaluation techniques.

Since the rollout of the algorithm, there has been a decrease in the number of low-quality reviews. Conversely, good-quality reviews increase and rank high-quality content higher.

Google SpamBrain December 2022 Update

Google's anti-spam AI algorithm was last updated in December 2022. The focus of this update is the neutralization of spam and unnatural links.

Do note that the update applies to searches in all languages. Therefore, web pages that buy backlinks to manipulate rankings can be detected as spam.

This strategy of manipulating rankings unnaturally is known as "black hat SEO." Google prohibits practices that fall under these “unnatural optimization tactics.”

Therefore, avoid using unnatural links so that Google doesn't detect your website as spam and lowers the page rank in the SERP. 



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