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Written by cmlabs

Bounce Rate

Last updated: Mar 27, 2021
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Written by cmlabs

Bounce Rate is a metric that measures the percentage of visitors who "land" on your website and do nothing on the page.

The bounce rate is calculated when a visitor has no engagement with the landing page and his visit to your site is only on one page. The bounce rate can be used as a metric that shows the quality of web pages and the quality of the audience.


Bounce rate is a metric that functions to analyze marketing efforts. This metric is used to measure whether or not you meet visitor expectations. You can use the Bounce rate to decide which pages are more important to meet the expectations of visitors on the site.

Bounce Rate Calculation Formulas

A bounce rate is a one-page session divided by all sessions or the percentage of all sessions on your site where visitors only visit one page and only trigger one engagement to the Google Analytics server.

Interpretation of the Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate can mean three things:

  1. Low quality pages. There is nothing interesting that increases engagement with visitors.
  2. Your audience does not match the topic of the page, so they have no further interaction.
  3. Visitors have found the information they were looking for on the page.
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