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What is a Guest Post? Its Impacts for SEO and How to Start

Last updated: Aug 16, 2022

What is a Guest Post?

Today, the activity of writing articles should follow the principles of SEO in order to improve the performance of the website. Besides the publication done on your website, you can also join hands with several brands to get more exposure for your business as well.

Guest posting is a familiar term in the world of online content writing. As a guest, you play the role of a content writer for other companies’ websites. In general, this activity is beneficial for the writer or the brand itself.

Essentially, guest posting is something that is primarily done to increase the traffic of a website. This form of partnership can also increase the brand awareness of the company itself. On the other hand, the activity of content writing on another blog is beneficial for you as well.

By producing articles on another website, you can increase the Domain Authority of your own website. Aside from that, writing content on another blog can give you the proper space to promote your own brand.

The Importance of Guest Posting for SEO

Applying the strategy of writing articles on another blog may prove beneficial to you. Not only can writing a guest post increase the website's performance from the SEO perspective, but it can solidify your status as an expert in the field you work in.

Guest post is a new way that can give a different look to a brand. Content written by guests or other writers can give a fresh look that breaks away from all the routines and similar topics that have been discussed previously.

The Benefits of Guest Posts

Guest posting, or guest blogging, can have a big impact on your website’s performance and operations. There are positive effects that you can get from participating in a guest post project, which are:

Acquiring Link Building

To get a high position on the SERP, you must optimize your website. In this case, a guest post can help the optimization process by building backlinks from a credible site that ranks high on the search page.

With link building, your website’s performance can increase over time. You can see its effects on the rank increase of related content on the SERP.

Drive More Traffic

The increased volume of traffic means more profits for a website. In this case, articles on another blog can attract traffic constantly. For that, the guest post should be done on a website with a high score of Domain Authority that can potentially be beneficial for your business.

Increase Brand Trust

Guest blogging can expand the reach of your brand. With this strategy, you can gain new customers and build their trust by supplying in-depth content related to the business itself.

How to Start Guest Posting

Writing a guest post requires a strategy and the proper way to apply it. First and foremost, determine what you hope to gain from such an activity. To start guest posting, you can follow the steps below:

Decide the Goal

To get the best result, you must know why you write guest posts first. In general, writing articles on another blog can attract traffic to your landing page.

Guest blogging, in itself, is a strategy that can raise brand awareness and improve the performance of the website from an SEO perspective. The increased number of inbound links from such activity will give more credibility to your business and increase the website's ranking on the SERP.

Find a High-Quality Website

To get the maximum benefits of guest posting, you must look for a website with a high Domain Authority score. Partnering with credible websites can increase the organic traffic and brand awareness for your website later on.

Choose the Relevant Topics

Writing a guest post can be started by deciding which topic is relevant to the brand of a website. You need to consider what kind of content may increase the traffic of a website organically.

Write High-Quality Content

Producing guest posts is an activity that can showcase your skills. To do that, you can write high-quality articles that are relevant to a website. In doing so, the content you make can reflect your writing skills well.

Optimize Content

Once the content is done, you can optimize it based on SEO principles. For that, you can use the backlinks and link building on the guest post that can prove beneficial to the website that you run.

Evaluate the Content

Make sure to check the content you publish periodically and watch how it performs on the SERP. To do it, you can use a trusted SEO tool like Keyword Tracker from cmlabs to get the most accurate and detailed report.



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