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Google Site Kit

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023

What is Google Site Kit?

Google Site Kit is the official plugin from Google to see how users find and use your WordPress site.

The plugin was released in October 2019 and is still free to use today.

The Site Kit itself is intended to be an effective solution for implementing, managing, and getting insights from various Google tools in one package.

Some of the advantages of the site kit are:

  • It can be easily understood right on the WordPress dashboard
  • Live statistics from several tools from Google in one dashboard
  • Fast installation preparation without editing the source code of your website
  • Metrics for the entire site and individual posts
  • Easy-to-manage detailed permissions from WordPress and various Google tools included in Site Kit

Who Can Use Google Site Kit?

Site Kit is a plugin aimed at WordPress users. With this kit, WordPress owners can understand the performance of their site and develop SEO strategies to improve performance in the future.

Accessing the tools provided by Google is even easier with this all-in-one plugin.

It’s also not complicated to use because it no longer requires editing the source code to manage Google tools on the website.

Google Tools Included in Site Kit

So, what are the tools in the Site Kit? Some of the tools provided in the Google Site Kit are:

Google Analytics

One of the important tools for observing the SEO performance of a website is Google Analytics. This is a tool that can help you, as a website manager, find out how much your site has grown over a certain period of time.

With Google Analytics, you can read data related to site growth in an easy-to-understand visualization.

Google AdSense

If you need to place an ad to promote a product, use Google Adsense. The Site Kit plugin can help you easily monitor the performance of the ads you run.

Google Search Console

Besides Google Analytics, you may also need Google Search Console (GSC) to manage data from search engines.

The features of GSC can help you observe, improve, and develop optimization strategies to increase the visibility of WordPress pages in the SERP.

Google Tag Manager

Having Site Kit installed automatically gets you access to Google Tag Manager. This is a tool to help you place code snippets on WordPress pages.

The snippet code can help you track important data for the development process of the page and the content on it to have better performance.

Google PageSpeed Insights

From an SEO standpoint, the use of Google PageSpeed Insights is indispensable. One of the tools provided by Site Kit can help you determine the loading speed of your website on desktop and mobile devices.

Google Optimize

To do A/B testing and other tests, you can use Google Optimize. You can use the data from the testing to improve the user experience.

How to Install Google Site Kit

Installing Google Site Kit is generally much the same as installing any other WordPress plugin. Here are the steps you need to take note of:

  1. Visit the Plugins page
  2. Select the Add New option
  3. Search for Site Kit by Google in the search field
  4. Install and activate the Site Kit by Google plugin
  5. Connect the Site Kit to your Google account, including any admins who want to use the plugin to manage the website.


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