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Last updated: Mar 27, 2021

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is an open source framework launched to make a simple mobile website in which it makes the page faster when it is accessed by decreasing some elements that are considered heavy in loading the page.

The advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages

1. Faster Loading

This feature helps to present fast process of loading page to visitors through codes that have been optimized, caching, and Google Content Delivery Network (CDN). There is a possibility that fast loading page will increase the conversion rate, and can increase the page rank.

2. Increase Ranking on Mobile-First Index

Google announced users to switch to a mobile-first index in which it means that desktop websites will not be a major in determining a rank. Instead, the mobile website will determine the rank. Adopting AMP can help to increase web page rankings.

3. Extra Attentions on Google SERP

Google promotes an AMP website on search engine result pages. News websites that use AMP can display various kinds of news. For regular pages, Google can show the AMP icon below the results. So, beside the good experience, this feature also offers extra attention on Google SERP.

Elements of Accelerated Mobile Pages


In AMP, the HTML code of an accelerated mobile page is limited to important things only. When a page is loaded, there is only one HTTP request that is sent.

2. AMP JavaScript

AMP uses JS asynchronous code that enables a site to build before all JS elements are loaded.


Each AMP cache is stored on various servers. Cached data can be sent to users in the shortest possible way using the data transmission network.

How AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Helps SEO

1. The Main Purpose is to Improve the Speed

If a website is currently loading very slowly, then there will be an instant increase when using AMP. The slower the loading page, the bounce rate will increase by 90%.

2. Improved Server Performance

AMP assists the server performance. When a web page receives a large amount of traffic activity through a mobile device, then a page with AMP feature can reduce strain on server so it won't make the sever down.

3. Get AMP Special Access on Search Engine

There are places in search results that are specific to AMP pages only. If users are content creators, it is recommended that they use AMP to deliver the content.

4. There is a “flash” icon on pages that have AMP

Pages with AMP will have a "flash" icon on the SERPS. AMP can help in increasing click-rate because users prefer pages that have AMP features rather than desktop versions of pages, so that it can provide a new experience for users.

5. Increased Conversion Rate on E-Commerce Site

Using AMP in E-Commerce site can increase the conversion rate. It is because the longer time of loading can reduce the conversion rate by 7% and many visitors will leave the web page if it needs more than 3 seconds to load the page.

The Advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages for Entrepreneurs

1. Advertisers

Advertisers use AMP with various different format of ads. Ad content is loaded asynchronously in which it means the user experience is not interrupted by the ad that prevents the page from loading.

2. Publishers

Publishers make a profit from the placement of AMP website on leading news websites.

3. Users

Website with AMP is suitable for users. They do not need to wait long to load a page and they even can believe in the high performance when they are browsing through a slow internet connection.

How to Apply Accelerated Mobile Pages

1. Logical Location of AMP Pages

Choose Logical URL for AMP pages, normally Google likes URL pages that have AMP feature placed as a copy item of the original page.

Example : cmlabs.co/en-id/blog/

Becomes : cmlabs.com/en-id/blog/amp/


2. Make A Clear Link Between AMP Page and non-AMP

After the application of AMP is done, users will have two kinds of pages which are AMP and non-AMP. Users have to connect the two pages using tag "rail link" to connect the two pages.

3. Track AMP Pages in the separated Google Analytics Property

Google give a recommendation to track the AMP pages in the Google Analytics property in order to compare properly AMP pages and non-AMP pages.

4. Make Sure The AMP Pages Work Properly

Similar to AMP-Pages, a page with Accelerated Mobile Pages feature must work properly. Users do not want to cite the AMP pages that do not report the 200 OK HTTP status.

The Limitations of AMP

1. Limited Functionality

Due to the strict guidelines of the AMP application, it is very restrictive for websites that has a plenty of functionality such as e-Commerce websites, therefore it is not recommended for users to use AMP in such cases.

2. Ads Support is Limited

Many websites rely on ads to get incomes. AMP currently is having limited support to display ads.



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