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Keyword Research

Last updated: Mar 29, 2021

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By using Keyword Research, your company can find the most accurate keyword based on your market niche. This feature will help you improve your website performance and reach wider audiences.

The Components of Keyword Research

  • Selecting the most accurate seed keyword.
  • Enrich your research with keyword variation.
  • Long-tail keyword.
  • Controlling keyword density in your contents.

Selecting the Most Accurate Seed Keyword

Keywords are the primary factor of SEO activities. Our comprehensive Keyword Research can be measured by some Keyword-Accuracy Parameter.


  • Search volume

The average search result of keywords every month. The bigger the result, the higher the search intensity.

  • Keyword difficulty:

Keyword difficulty level on the top 10 of organic search. The difficulty range is 0-100. The higher the number, the more difficult it is.

  • Clicks:

The average result of monthly clicks on a search-result page for particular keywords

  • CPC:

CPC shows the average price advertisers pay for each click on their ads in the paid search-result that contains the target keyword.

How It Works

Our SEO specialist will sort keywords based on high search-volume, but still have medium to low of Keyword Density. We then analyzed how the competition goes, whether it is at the Low, Medium or High level. After completing a series of research, we select 1 keyword as the main keyword.

Enrich Your Research with Keyword Variation

Only selecting 1 main keyword is not enough. You need more data on keyword variations, list of keywords, placement techniques, and controlling the keyword density to produce powerful content.

Variations of keywords are needed to produce rich, SEO-friendly content.

The richer the variety of keywords = the greater the chance to capture various types of keywords that users might want to find in the search engines.

Long-Tail Keyword

A keyword is not absolutely composed of 1-2 words. To get a better result, you can use Long-Tail keywords, a technique that specify keywords which have the potential to reach higher search-volume.


  • Long tail keywords, more than 2 phrases, can be 3-4 words
  • Long-Tail Keyword has a small search volume (but not 0), with low competition

Another method to find what the users want that related to your business:

Position yourself as users.

Predict what services they will need in the future. How they convey it on the search engine. How they use their own language.

Direct communication with customers

Check out the online forums, even the comment sections. Learn what kind of questions customers often ask. Learn how they express their needs.

Controlling Keyword Density in Your Contents

Keyword density refers to the ideal number of times the keyword is mentioned. cmlabs is equipped with our self-made tools to check keyword density, such as the Word Counter to make it easier for you in producing the best SEO-friendly contents.

  • Understand the ideal keyword density for main keywords and keyword variations
  • Consider the SEO-and-human-friendly aspects
  • You should make the density on main keywords no more than 3% to make sure they are not considered spam.

You should always consult about this matter with an SEO Specialist and Content Expert to control the aspects of keyword density. This is not only about meeting SEO standards, but also a formula for creating the best keyword-placement. Making it smooth, natural and easy to read.



Note: We have attached some of the most common questions asked by users below, along with their answers. To use the cmlabs Keyword Ranking Tracker application, you don't need to request for a quote from marketing. Please click login to the application.

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